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80. Greg Burnham - The Search for Sadiqah.
Jul 8 • 62 min
Author Greg Burnham joins us in episode 80 to discuss his new series, The Search for Sadiqah. We dig into a little of the plot, characters, creation of the title, and the motivation behind it. We also discussed issue 3 of Greg’s other title, The Tuskegee…
79. Insecure Season 4 Review
Jun 27 • 109 min
Today we did a deep dive into the recent season of Insecure. We give our thoughts on what happen, some of our favorite scenes, and predictions for season four ( Gift Ebelu made my jaw drop). We even did a quick review of Issa Rae new movie on Netflix, The…
78- The Rent Party Recap
Jun 5 • 72 min
Today we recap the best virtual con of the year, The Rent Party. It was a joint effort from NERDSoul, 133Art, and Legends Press. Michael Young II, aka NERDSoul, joins us to break down this great event which featured such black creatives as The Blerdgurl,…
77- Random-ish: Synder Cut, Streets of Rage, The Rent Party..
May 22 • 58 min
Today we discuss a few topics. Mark can’t hide his excitement for the upcoming Synder Cut in 2021. Keith reviews Streets of Rage 4. We also the upcoming Rent Party, a virtual comic con featuring black creatives from coast to coast.
76. Brian Lambert of Wingless Entertainment
May 10 • 57 min
Brian Lambert joins us in episode 76 . We discuss his new upcoming comic, Justice. He previews the story,breaks down the main character, the religious themes, and even how an infamous Kevin Smith movie inspired him. We also talked about his experiences…
EP-75. Dr. Rani G. Whitfield- Tha HipHop Doc.
Apr 27 • 55 min
We are joined by the one and only, Dr. Rani G Whitfield. You, however may have heard of his alias, Tha HipHop Doc. He gives us his thoughts on the current Covid-19 situation and his involvement, how its affecting the African American community, and our so…
74-Danielle McRae-Voice Actor
Apr 20 • 59 min
Danielle McRae is a voice over actress who joins us to discuss her new role as “Gwen” in one of the hottest video games right now, Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Some of her most notable credits have been in (League of Legends) as “Karma the Enlightened One”,…
73-What Wallace Been Up To?
Apr 11 • 64 min
Mark Dub rejoins Blerd-ish. He talks about his time away from the podcast. We also discuss the Don’t Rush Challenge and D-Nice and Club Quarantine.
72- What are you Watching?
Apr 10 • 59 min
Our guest Harold Brown joins us to discuss what shows we are watching in these quarantine times.
71-Tiger King, Corona, 2020 so far…
Apr 1 • 77 min
In ep 71, Keith and previous guest, Gift Egbelu reviews, analyses, and is confused by the Netflix documentary, Tiger King. We also just give our thoughts on the current global pandemic.