Biz Talks

Biz Talks
One-on-one interviews with Biz New Orleans magazine and local leaders about issues that affect businesses throughout the greater New Orleans region.

11: Caregiver Family Leave Insurance - it’s finally a reality thanks to Dr. Kyshun Webster
Jul 7 • 15 min
On June 12, Dr. Kyshun Webster, through his company, Compassion Society Benefits, officially launched the nation’s first caregiver family leave insurance. Backed by Nationwide Insurance, it offers affordable premiums and provides up to 80 percent income…
10: How to Create an Inclusive, Anti-Racist Workplace with Heather Lonian
Jun 30 • 41 min
As the national discussion about the Black Lives Matter movement continues, businesses and organizations nationwide are examining their policies to determine how to provide a more inclusive, anti-racist environment for employees, clients and customers.…
9: Sabrina Short
Jun 23 • 23 min
As New Orleans is becoming the new “Silicon Valley of the South” we’re also making the move to capitalize on our creative economy, and together that means jobs in technology across a wide variety of industries are only going to continue to grow. But how…
8: Dr. MarkAlain Dery
Jun 16 • 44 min
7: Denis Juge
Jun 8 • 23 min
As some businesses start to bring employees back into the office, chief among concerns is employee safety. But what if someone does get sick? Is that a workers’ compensation claim? Attorney Denis Juge says his firm, WC Defense, has already started seeing…
6: Alyssa Fletchinger Higgins
Jun 1 • 29 min
On today’s podcast, we talk to Alyssa Fletchinger Higgins, the vice president at Plush Appeal - The Mardi Gras Spot, a New Orleans company that creates thousands of custom products for Mardi Gras organizations, business and individuals in New Orleans and…
5: Melinda Bourgeois
May 26 • 21 min
Eager to get away? The travel industry is starting to open back up, but is it safe? What are the most in-demand destinations for New Orleanians right now? When can you expect the best deals? Melinda Bourgeois has owned Metairie-based travel agency Travel…
4: Mark Romig
May 18 • 28 min
In this episode, Rich Collins talks to Mark Romig, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at New Orleans & Company, about the state of tourism, New Orleans & Company’s marketing plan and what is in store for the city following the coronavirus…
Bonus Episode 1: Amy Bakay
May 15 • 9 min
Is your business ready to reopen? Do you have the right policies in place? Have you checked all the boxes? In this special bonus podcast, Biz New Orleans Managing Editor Kim Singletary talks to Amy Bakay, founder/CEO of HR NOLA, who shares her top tips…
3: Michael L. Williamson
May 11 • 31 min
With all the talk of opening businesses back up, one thing not being discussed a lot is childcare. According to a recent survey, one-third of childcare providers in greater New Orleans reported that an extended closure will force them to permanently…
2: Mike Siegel
May 4 • 24 min
In our second episode, associate news editor Rich Collins talks to Mike Siegel, the president and director of office leasing at Corporate Realty, about the effects of COVID-19 on the New Orleans real estate market. He shares his thoughts on the…
1: Quentin Messer
Apr 27 • 41 min
In our first Big Talks episode managing editor Kim Singletary talks to Quentin Messer, president and CEO of the New Orleans Business Alliance.