The Sweaty Penguin

The Sweaty Penguin
Each episode of The Sweaty Penguin focuses on one specific environmental problem. We welcome two guests with minimal prior knowledge of the problem, one more conservative and one more liberal. After a late-night-comedy-style monologue explaining the problem and various possible solutions, the host and guests interview a professional with expertise in that particular problem and then have a conversation where the guests form first impressions. In each episode, we aim to find common ground, both on what the problem is and some strategies to solve it. Support this podcast:

5. Beef
May 29 • 46 min
Wondering why there’s so much fuss in the news over cow farts? We’ve got you covered. This week, we discuss why beef’s environmental impact far exceeds most other food products and consider ways to reduce those impacts without giving up too many of our…
Bonus: Plankton Buys a Glowstick
May 22 • 26 min
This week, we bring you our top environmental news headlines, and then sit down with The Sweaty Penguin’s Producers Shannon Damiano, Frank Hernandez, and Caroline Koehl to discuss some updates and clarifications on our Traffic, Lawn Pesticides, Yosemite…
4. Lead Paint
May 15 • 41 min
We often think of lead paint as a problem of the past, but in reality, any house built before 1978 could have lead paint on the walls, and when they do, the health risks are enormous, especially for young children. We’ll discuss the environmental and…
3. Yosemite National Park
May 8 • 49 min
Yosemite was set aside as a national park in 1890, and since then, we haven’t done a spotless job preserving and managing it. There’s even a Starbucks in the park! We’ll discuss the economic inefficiencies, inequities, and environmental degradation…
2. Lawn Pesticides
May 1 • 42 min
We often hear “pesticides are safe” or “pesticides are toxic,” but in reality, it’s not that simple. We’ll discuss the impacts of various lawn pesticides on public health and the environment, what improvements could be made from a policy perspective, and…
1. Traffic
Apr 24 • 50 min
Not only does traffic contribute to climate change, but it costs the average American $1,377 per year in lost time. We’ll break down the issue, and debate some possible solutions like mass transit renovations, bike sharing, congestion pricing, and smaller…