Talks with Petri

Talks with Petri
Petri talks to people around the world about their stories, life experiences and topics that matter to them the most. Expect the unexpected and be inspired by others.

Hai and thank you says it all
Jun 6 • 55 min
Stefan Björkman explains the investment climate ahead of us, reveals his management secret, talks about a good company board, and what’s the purpose of glue in business. See the full episode notes:…
Curious angel seeks happiness by learning
May 30 • 85 min
Hampus Jakobsson talks about living in the moment, the biggest challenges for humanity, who are the most interesting people and why hearing is important while cooking. See the episode notes:…
Pragmatic anarchist surfs the waves of impact
May 23 • 59 min
Richard Georg Engström talks about how to make films in Scandinavia, navigate unknown and uncultivated opportunities, what is impact and what it means to be happy. See the full episode notes:
Make your work visible
May 16 • 60 min
Ville Tolvanen talks about finding your audience, how to deal with trolls and why virtual activists are the future leaders. See the full episode notes:
Watching TV pays off
May 10 • 59 min
Taavi Rõivas talks about his experience as the youngest prime minister in the EU, the future of nation states and his latest movie role. See the full episode notes at
There is no Control-Z
May 3 • 60 min
Joey Kilrain talks about tough times, making sure your plan A does not fail, running for wrong reasons, how to mix paints and repair cars while building websites. See the full episode notes at
City-hopping between trail runs
Apr 26 • 48 min
Christopher Lingle talks about his long experience of working around the world without a permanent place of residence. We also cover economics, monetary policy, human liberty, trail running and where to find good coffee. See the full episode notes at…
That is so rude
Apr 26 • 23 min
I talk with Sandra Luks about finding your true passion and how it may take a few detours before you’re sure what you really want to do. See the full episode notes at
Futurist thinks it is your choice
Apr 26 • 51 min
In this episode we cover topics from cyborgs and AI to politics, and the future of humanity. Christopher Peterka also reveals why rosé helps in book writing. See the full episode notes at
Talks with Petri (Trailer)
Apr 25 • 0 min