Branch 251

Branch 251
Syrian Atrocity Crimes on Trial

Syria Fatigue?
Jul 3 • 31 min
After almost 10 (!) years of war, devastation, crimes and gruesome images from Syria, are we still reading? Watching? Listening? Really? We tried to find answers to this complex question. And bring you a court report straight from Koblenz.
After Torture
Jun 26 • 29 min
In this episode, Fritz and Karam speak to two international mental health experts. They comment on the accounts of survivors we interviewed in the previous episode. And we ask them how exposure to war and torture affects survivors’ lives, and what their…
“He Called Me Ammo”
Jun 19 • 32 min
In this episode, Fritz and Karam speak to two survivors of Branch 251. They share with us the painful details of their detention, imprisonment, and how this impacts their lives now. Follow us on Twitter and @KaramShoumali and @Fritz_Streiff.
Syrian Witnesses Speak
Jun 12 • 28 min
Last week in court was special: Syrian survivors spoke as witnesses for the first time. One of them, Feras Fayyad tells us about his experience testifying in court and opening up about being sexually violated at Branch 251. We talk to two experts who tell…
Abu Ayoub
Jun 5 • 30 min
Eyad A. is the second defendant in the trial. The smaller fish. The less interesting accused. Or is he? Karam and Fritz go on a journey to find answers to this question. We talked to friends, family, a colleague of his from Branch 251, and a court…
Colonel, Defector, Defendant
May 29 • 27 min
In this week’s episode, Fritz and Karam speak to Der Spiegel’s Christoph Reuter about Anwar R. Christoph Reuter interviewed him in 2013 over two days and tells us “how he ticks”. And in court this week, Eyad A.’s police statement from August 2018 was…
It Wasn’t Me
May 22 • 17 min
This week in court, the main accused Anwar R. reacted to the accusations against him with a statement that his lawyers read to the court. His defense in short: there was no torture when I was in charge, later others did it, I tried to help but couldn’t do…
The Two Anwars
May 15 • 18 min
How did the Branch 251 trial actually come about? Your hosts Karam and Fritz talked to someone who played an important role in transforming the terrible stories of these crimes into legal cases: Anwar Al Bunni. He has been instrumental in building the…
Al Khatib Street or “Hell on Earth”
May 7 • 27 min
This episode takes you into Branch 251. Or Al Khatib Branch, as it is known among survivors. Your hosts Karam and Fritz talked to them. Based on their accounts, this is how a detainee’s journey looks like from arrest and arrival at the Branch, to the…
A Historic Trial
May 1 • 16 min
On this first episode of Branch 251, your hosts Fritz and Karam introduce the listeners to the trial that started in Koblenz, Germany, on 23 April 2020.
Introducing Branch 251 - Syrian Atrocity Crimes on Trial
Apr 28 • 2 min
This is an introduction to Branch 251, a podcast about the world’s first criminal trial dealing with accusations of crimes against humanity against members of Bashar al Assad’s Syrian military. Find out what this podcast is all about and tune in on…