Live Your Remarkable Life

Live Your Remarkable Life
Are you the nice girl? The put everyone’s needs ahead of her own girl? The people pleaser? Are you wondering…… How do I say NO, without guilt, so I have more time for me? How do I make myself a priority? How do I not give a shit what others think o?

Your Thoughts Become Your Reality
Sep 21 • 18 min
There is one key thing I want everyone to understand, what you focus on you get more of. So if there is something in your life right now you don’t like, or you are struggling to get what you truly desire, you need to focus on your thoughts. And your…
Third Times a Charm with Michelle Bateman
Sep 10 • 48 min
On this amazing episode, we will be talking with Michelle Batman, founder and CEO of soul journey and also a transformational soul coach and speaker. She will be sharing her life story and diving into her journey of self-discovery and how she got past…
The Real Key to Wealth & Success
Sep 9 • 12 min
Do you know what the real key to success and wealth is? I know most mindset coaches say money blocks and as much as I believe its important to remove money blocks, I don’t think its the most important thing.The biggest thing holding women back is not…
Finding More in Life
Sep 3 • 48 min
Joining Jen in this podcast is Jocelyn Bellows who is a Breakup-to-Wakeup Coach. In this episode, Jocelyn will share her story from having a career that helped her financially to being a coach that helps people find their way by loving themselves….
Generations of Unhealthy Beliefs
Aug 31 • 27 min
Our moms and other influential women in out lives have passed along generations of beliefs about who we are suppose to be as women. But these beliefs are no longer serve us and are keeping us stuck and holding us back from achieving the things we truly…
Overcoming Addiction & Loss
Aug 20 • 49 min
Joining this intriguing episode is Janae Grant who is known as Living On Strong and who is a Health and Wellness Coach. Janae was a Recovery Addict and was in active addiction for no less than thirteen and half years. Janae shares that she underwent a…
How we belong
Aug 17 • 20 min
When I uncovered the ways that we belong it opened up my mind to understand myself and other people. These are persona’s that we create for ourselves at a young age to get the attention all children crave.
Be Your Authentic Self - Dr. Courtney Pare
Jul 17 • 49 min
Joining the show host in this empowering episode is Courtney Paré, who is a naturopathic doctor professionally. Courtney together with the show host will dive into her past toxic relationships. She speaks widely on the emotional experiences of feeling…
Do You Know How To Receive
Jul 15 • 17 min
As women who give too much we can get angry and resentful when that giving is not reciprocated. I want you to take a look at yourself today though and see if maybe you are blocking good things from coming your way.
Learn To Love Your Body - Alisha Carlson
Jul 9 • 45 min
Joining this intriguing episode with the show host is Alisha Carlson, Alisha Carlson is a non-diet lifestyle coach. In this episode Alisha will share her story through her childhood memories, how she went through domestic violence and the burden of been…
Be Your Authentic Self
Jul 6 • 10 min
We spend so much time trying to fit in and make others happy we tend to lose ourselves in the process. We think small sacrifices and changes here and there are no big deal until one day we wake up and we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore. There are…
Not Willing To Settle - Jessica Yarbrough
Jul 2 • 43 min
In this interesting episode Jen is joined by Jessica Yarbrough who is a marketing strategist and a growth expert. She went through many hardships throughout her journey but ultimately through her strong will and headstrong nature she succeeded. Jessica…
You Are Worthy
Jun 29 • 27 min
A common theme I see among people pleasing women I work with is these feelings of not enough, of not feeling worthy. As long as you don’t feel worthy you will allow others to treat you less than and you will continue with your people pleasing ways…
From Failure to Motivational Speaker - Stacy Bernal
Jun 18 • 43 min
Stacy Bernal, a professional speaker and an author will share her life experiences to inspire the audience. Stacy will dive into her life story, how becoming a marathon runner saved her when she hit her rock bottom. Stacy will also enlighten the…
Hypnotherapy - The Myths and Benefits
Jun 15 • 22 min
Like may of you, in the past my only experience of hypnosis was the stage shows you may have watched at the bar. I even took part in one in my college days.But clinical hypnotherapy is nothing like the shows.In today’s episode I want to shed light on…
Death Sentence To Living Life To The Fullest - Tina Encarnation
Jun 11 • 40 min
Joining this episode is Tina Encarnacion an intuitive coach and healer who shares her incredible story where she had to go through a lot of pain during her childhood as she was always made to feel unloved. Tina will dive into the importance of learning…
Putting Your Needs on Hold Isn’t Helping Anyone
Jun 9 • 19 min
Do you put your needs on hold to help others? It is great to help others, but not if it means that your needs keep getting brushed aside. I know you think one day you will have what you want but that doesn’t always happen. One thing I learned from my…
Living on Sugar to Living on Life - Melissa Rohlfs
Jun 4 • 38 min
In this intriguing episode, Melissa shares her story of how one incident that happened to her as a mom changed her life. Diving more into trauma, Melissa will discuss how you can get rid of trauma, as well as she will give an insight to the audience on…
Are Your Relationships Serving You
Jun 1 • 13 min
As people pleasers we spend so much time making everyone else happy that we don’t stop to think, do I really like this person and our relationship. I want to open your eyes to the relationships in your life that are not serving you and bringing you joy…
Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back - Amber Kierra
May 21 • 52 min
In this empowering episode, Amber Kierra shares her inspiring story. How she overcame the nightmare called disability to turn into a woman who now inspires many by being a professional speaker and a coach. Amber also enlightens the audience about the…
Self Care is not Selfish
May 19 • 12 min
As people pleasers one of our biggest downfalls is that we don’t make time for self care. As I learned the hard way, we all need to make self care a priority or life has a way of making it for us. Listen to today epsiode where I share what self care…
The Courage To Fight Back - Erin Baer
May 14 • 44 min
I think we have all had a relationship where we wake up one day and wondered how the hell we got ourselves into this. More importantly how do we get out! Today’s guest Erin Baer didn’t realize how bad her relationship was until one day an angel in…
The Story of a Icon
May 11 • 12 min
In today’s episode i’m sharing with you the sad story of an american icon who suffered from the same thing many of us suffer from, Not feeling loved! She spent her whole life looking for love, but because she didn’t believe she deserved it deep down…
Childhood Trauma Causes Unhealthy Relationships - Riana Milne
May 7 • 44 min
Unchecked trauma has a way of presenting itself in unexpected ways. Riana Milne delves into her work with life trauma, love trauma, anxiety, trauma, and depression through virtual coaching. She has 20 years of experience in psychology around traumatic…
Don’t Have Any Regrets
May 4 • 29 min
When I discovered Bonnie Ware and her amazing book, Regrets Of The Dying it was such a wake up call to me. As a palliative care nurse to people in the last few weeks of their life she started to ask people about their biggest regrets and she noticed…
Does life happen to you or for you? 3 secrets to achieving anything you desire
Apr 27 • 14 min
Episode Notes I used to be an observer in my life and thought things just happened to me. That I wasn’t lucky and couldn’t have the things I truly desired. It wasn’t until I started being the creator of my life and circumstances that I started to change…
Big Changes and Unplanned Roadblocks - Heidi Ross
Apr 27 • 50 min
Heidi Ross and Jen GutfriendEpisode NotesLife isn’t always easy and we have the choice to let it get us down or stand up and fight. Today’s guest Heidi Ross did just that. After a move to a new country, far from her family and friends she found herself…
Unresolved Anger to Hypnotherapist - Lori Beard
Apr 27 • 44 min
With Lori Beard and Jen GutfriendEpisode NotesSometimes we need a big wake up call to get out of the negative patterns we are living in. For Lori Beard that wake up call came from her teenage son. It was like a slap in the face when he told her she…
Welcome to the podcast
Apr 24 • 15 min
Episode NotesWelcome to episode #1 of the Live Your Remarkable Life Podcast. This has been a dream of mine for a few years and I decided that 2020 was the year I was going to stop putting off the things I truly wanted and make them happen! Take a moment…