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Special Episode: Covering the breaking new of UK Travel Corridors
Jul 3 • 11 min
This is a special episode of The Travel Podcast, we are discussing the breaking news of UK travel corridors. What this means for travel. Advice for those looking to get away this summer. Highlights of some key countries included
Travelling with Children: Top tips and tricks for a relaxing family holiday
Jul 2 • 24 min
What’s the low down on travelling with children? The Travel Podcast team are joined by Raine, and share their experiences of travelling as a family. With top tips for the flight, to packing the family ready for the holiday, the team take you through the…
Bournemouth: Beautiful beaches and the best base to explore Dorset
Jun 25 • 32 min
Staycations are in, and for this episode The Travel Podcast team are talking about their home, sunny Bournemouth. From free fireworks in the summer, to nature and woodland trails, it’s a place where there’s something to do no matter the weather. If you…
Baltimore: A town for explorers, artists and dreamers!
Jun 22 • 26 min
A city of a vibrant community fueled by cultural tastemakers and creative entrepreneurs, Baltimore has more than meets the eye. The team are joined by Eric, from Visit Baltimore, in an episode full of local top tips, Baltimore is a town for explorers,…
Indochina: It’s sure to provide a trip worth writing home about!
Jun 18 • 54 min
In this episode, we’re jetting off to Indochina with the help of The Travel Podcast team and a special guest, Nick from Experience Travel Group! Made up of the countries of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, it’s bustling with many incredible and vibrant…
Cancun: Whale sharks, Cocobongos and Cenotes, experience Cancun like a local!
Jun 15 • 48 min
Whale sharks, Cocobongos and Cenotes are just some of the incredible attractions of Cancun, but there is so much more. From 5th avenue entertainment district, to the beautiful beaches of Tulum, Luis dishes out all the top tips to experience Cancun like a…
Barbados: Stress-free, history or party like Rihanna?
Jun 11 • 46 min
Join us to be transported to the paradise island that is Barbados! The Travel Podcast team welcome Cedric, from Barbados Tourism, who introduces us to the incredible history behind Barbados, as well as the must-do recommendations. And if you want to party…
South America: 1 podcast - 5 countries
Jun 8 • 59 min
Today we’re jetting off to South America, with The Travel Podcast team joined by a South America expert! We highlight just 5 of the countries that make up this incredible continent, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, learning the top…
Maldives: For celebrities and YOU!
Jun 1 • 60 min
A holiday destination fit for the celebs, the Maldives are considered as one of the most luxurious destinations in the world. But if you think it’s only for the uber-rich, think again! With 165 resorts to choose from, and some of the world’s most…
Puerto Rico: Hottest upcoming destination
May 28 • 44 min
Puerto Rico, a place where travellers visiting on the mainland can enjoy the Island’s Caribbean flair, and with almost 300 miles of coastline and as many beaches, Puerto Rico is an one of the hottest upcoming destinations. Join The Travel Podcast team and…
Memphis: Elvis, Peabody Ducks and beer-drinking goats
May 26 • 58 min
Elvis Presley’s Graceland home, the Peabody Ducks and beer-drinking goats…Memphis is a place that truly has it all. The Travel Podcast team are joined by Lisa, from Memphis Tourism, to discuss the incredible history, culture, events and her favourite…
Thailand: Undeniably an incredible destination!
May 21 • 40 min
In this episode, The Travel Podcast team are joined by 2 guests to delve deeper into Thailand and the beauty of it’s landscapes, the key attractions and the ideal first-time itinerary. From incredible street food, the amazing wildlife and the lesser-known…
Nashville: It all begins with a song!
May 18 • 40 min
The Travel Podcast team are even joined by a live Nashville songwriter, Claude Kelly, who has written hits such Grenade by Bruno Mars, Circus for Britney Spears and many other hits for artists such as Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera! Understand the…
News: Travel quarantines, airlines fly again, tourism bubbles and countries open for business
May 16 • 12 min
Itching to getaway? All the latest news from the world of travel and what it means for you and your travel plans. Including: 14-day quarantines Airlines starting to fly Countries opening up for tourist Tourism bubbles And more
Western Canada: Whale watching, hockey, skiing and free beer!
May 14 • 56 min
Dreaming of visiting Canada but not sure where to start? Then take a listen! Joined by a special guest, The Travel Podcast team discuss Western Canada and the incredible sights, attractions and itineraries that you need to do for a first-time visit! Don’t…
Scottsdale: From the desert to the luxury resorts
May 11 • 47 min
With 330 days of glorious sunny weather, and hitting 40 degrees celsius in the summer, it won’t take much convincing to visit this metropolis. In this episode, we’re in Scottsdale, Arizona and The Travel Podcast team are joined by destination expert…
Antigua & Barbuda: Far more than you’d expect and loved by celebrities
May 5 • 43 min
These 2 incredible islands in the Caribbean should be next on your travel list, and The Travel Podcast team tell you why with the help of a very special guest! Did you know Antigua has over 365 beaches? That’s one for every day of the year! From sailing,…
Touring: Everyone should try it at least once
May 5 • 60 min
Could touring be your new choice of holiday? We think so! Today The Travel Podcast are joined by 2 guests and debunk all the myths behind a touring holiday, and share their own experiences! From skipping queues, to socialising with locals it’s quite…
Lapland: In search of Santa, Northern Lights and making memories
May 4 • 49 min
In search of Santa, the Northern Lights, or a once in a lifetime experience? A trip to Lapland will never be forgotten, but why talk about now when the sun is shinning? Well mainly because if you wait until winter it will be too late! Joining us on todays…
Australia: Your first time down under
May 4 • 43 min
Australia is one of the most popular long haul destinations but with so many options, so many great things to see and do, where do you start? In this episode we take a look at what could be the perfect first trip for anyone heading to Australia for the…
Las Vegas: What happens in vegas….
May 4 • 47 min
Viva Las Vegas! The Travel Podcast team are in Vegas this time, and joined by a very special guest to give us the low down on Sin City. From helicopter flights over the strip, visiting the Grand Canyon and the lesser-known attractions of the entertainment…
Travelling the world life after lockdown - our top destinations
May 4 • 29 min
Life after lockdown, it seems like something far in the future, but with more time on our hands than before, The Travel Podcast team have been planning the destinations they will be jetting straight off to. Now is the time to plan those intricate…