New Covenant Ministries International

New Covenant Ministries International
New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) is a trans-local ministry team, with an apostolic heart, that is comprised of men and women who, through partnership, help pastors/elders build their local churches in doing the work of Jesus Christ’s Kingdom in their areas. Our work is in equipping and mobilizing believers for the fulfillment of the work of the Kingdom and the discipling of the nations. Our mission is to know Jesus and to make Jesus known!

“Becoming the Essential Church” - Chris Smith
May 23 • 14 min
Chris Smith (Redemption City Church in Denver & NCMI Team) shares key points for the church in this hour, to equip us to truly become the light of the world.
“Unseen Enemies” Interview with Tyrone Daniel (Leader of NCMI) & Mark Harper (Impact Rock Church)
May 4 • 40 min
Tyrone Daniel sits down with Mark Harper in Erie Colorado, to discuss our current times, their effect on the local church and some of the unseen enemies that can arise in times like these.
“Leading a partnering church” - Tyrone Daniel interviewing with Chris Smith
May 1 • 45 min
Listen in as Tyrone Daniel sits down with Chris Smith to chat through aspects of leading a local church such as ‘being a Base Church’, ‘True Partnership with an Apostolic Team’ and ‘Keeping our relationship with God in the forefront’.
“Having an Apostolic team guy in” - Tyrone Daniel interviewing with Chris Smith
May 1 • 36 min
This is a great conversation about why a church should have team guys into the life of the church, how to prepare the church for the visit and how best to ‘conduct’ the meeting times they minister.
“Jesus Heals” - Mark Wimble
May 1 • 8 min
This is a great reminder of the incredible God and Savior we serve, as Mark Wimble from One Life Church in South Africa shares on the power of Jesus to heal.
“The sufficiency of the Gospel” - Chris Smith
May 1 • 49 min
Chris shares on the revelation that we don’t need Jesus’ salvation plus something else, because the price Jesus paid was more than enough! We don’t need to ‘spruce’ it up or avoid sharing parts of it, for it is truly the finished work of Christ.
“How do you bring leaders through?” - Grant Crawford
May 1 • 6 min
“How to you bring leaders through?” What a key question for the church to be able to answer and a mandate we’re to fulfill. Grant Crawford, OneLife Church in South Africa, shares briefly on the subject, giving us a few handles and things to consider…
“Know Him better” - Tyrone Daniel
May 1 • 47 min
Tyrone Daniel shares one of the key points of our faith at GGC Church in Sydney, Australia. Grab your notebook, have a listen and prepare to be challenged and encouraged!
“Living well between God’s promises and our provision” Paul Collinson
May 1 • 34 min
Paul Collinson preaches at the New Zealand Equip, a powerful and timely word for every Christian.
“Conquerors, not occupiers!” - Chris Smith
May 1 • 30 min
Chris Smith preaches at the 2019 New Zealand Equip, a message for every church leader and member to listen to and make sure we’re still taking ground for the Kingdom and not just holding on!
“Building with the next generation” - Tyrone Daniel, leader of NCMI and Joel Daniel
May 1 • 15 min
Tyrone sits down with his oldest son, Joel Daniel, to chat through how our current times are effecting the younger generation and, more importantly, how this and every generation can draw closer to God and live in the fullness of all that God has for our…
“Don’t let doubt win!” - Frank Talo
May 1 • 14 min
A great message from Frank Talo, part of Faith City Church in New Zealand & on the NCMI Team, sharing from Luke 12.
“Continue” - Marcus Herbert
May 1 • 11 min
A timely message from Acts 4, urging us to continue in all that God has called us to, seeking Him for courage and boldness in this time.
Who is Jesus? - Grant Crawford
May 1 • 23 min
Here’s a great Biblical teaching from Grant Crawford at One Life Church, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, speaking about the most important question the world will ever face, “Who is Jesus?”
Commands for Courage -Tyrone Daniel, Leader of NCMI
May 1 • 38 min
Listen in as Tyrone Daniel shares from the Scriptures, the very things God has called us to, so that we will have the courage needed to overcome, to advance and finish the work we’ve been called to.
God’s Workmanship - Kenny Le Roux
May 1 • 18 min
Kenny Le Roux, Venture Church in South Africa, opens the Scriptures to remind us of who we are in Christ, who we’re made to be and the joy and confidence that we can have as we rediscover these vital truths for our lives.
How do I walk the line? Greig Garratt
May 1 • 4 min
Greig Garratt, New Day Church in Johannesburg, reminds and encourages us with some of the basic realities of our faith, how that impacts the world around us and how we can stay strong in every circumstance to the glory of God.
“Made for God’s Pleasure”
Apr 30 • 2 min
Dan Barnard (Destiny Life Church in Namibia & NCMI Team member) briefly takes us through the Word of God to remind us of the fact of God’s perfect design, innately woven into each of us at creation, made to walk in the things that bring glory and pleasure…
2 Disciplines for leadership
Apr 30 • 8 min
Ed Strong, OneLife Church in South Africa, shares some simple, practical, yet profoundly helpful ways for every leader to become better at what God has called us to do.
“Holy, Holy, Holy” A study of the Holiness of our Awesome God. Steve Barr
Apr 30 • 28 min
“Holy, Holy, Holy” Steve Barr (Westside Church, Placerville California & NCMI Team) takes us deeper in the knowledge of our God, who He is, the awesomeness of the Creator of the universe.
Certainty in uncertain times -Tyrone Daniel, leader of NCMI
Apr 24 • 31 min
Tyrone Daniel shares a word for us today and everyday, on the unchanging nature of Jesus. No matter we face, no matter our circumstances, no matter how unstable things seem, Jesus Christ is the Rock in the storms. Listen in, be encouraged and feel free to…
Characteristics of a New Testament Church
Apr 22 • 64 min
Tyrone Daniel opens up the Word of God and unpacks the nature or characteristics of a New Testament church. This is a key teaching for every church in every nation, as this helps us to build a Kingdom culture that will change the world.
Tyrone Daniel speaks to the African Elders April 2020
Apr 21 • 76 min
Tyrone shares the Word of God with the elders from the churches in Africa that partner with NCMI.