Cape Coffee Beans Podcast

Cape Coffee Beans Podcast
Dive deep into the world of South African specialty coffee. Get to know the businesses at the centre of the specialty coffee scene in SA, as well as the people behind them.

8 - Jake Easton from Tribe
Aug 7 • 66 min
Get to know Jake from Tribe. You may laugh. You may cry. You certainly will be entertained. Tune in to this episode of the CCB Podcast.
7 - Wayne Oberholzer from The Portland Project
Jul 4 • 65 min
Get to know Wayne Oberholzer, South African Barista Champion and intrepid coffee entrepreneur
6 - Regardt van Tonder from Legado Coffee Roasters
Jun 13 • 71 min
Hear the amazing store of how Legado Coffee Roasters got started from founder Regardt van Tonder
5 - Jono Le Feuvre & Rob Cowles from Rosetta Roastery
May 30 • 60 min
Meet Jono & Rob from Rosetta Roastery and learn how they built a world-class coffee business by focusing on excellence in every part of their operation!
4 - Warren Machanik from Quaffee
May 18 • 94 min
Meet Warren, long time coffee lover and founder of Quaffee in Cape Town. Get to know the full history of this coffee roasting business.
3 - Jonathan Robinson from Bean There
May 9 • 51 min
Meet Jonathan Robinson, founder of Bean There coffee and passionate advocate for fairly traded African coffee
2 - David Donde from Truth Coffee
May 3 • 33 min
Get to know David Donde, founder and owner of Truth Coffee, considered by some to have the best cafe in the world
1 - Joel Singer from Origin Coffee Roasting
Apr 27 • 70 min
Get to know Joel Singer, founder and owner of Origin Coffee Roasting, one of Cape Town’s first specialty coffee roasters
Cape Coffee Beans Podcast Intro
Apr 22 • 1 min
Welcome to the first episode of the Cape Coffee Beans Podcast. This podcast is going to be a deep dive into the world of South African specialty coffee. Get to know the businesses and the people behind the business, at the epicentre of South Africa’s…