eCommerce Made Simple

eCommerce Made Simple
eCMS is a podcast focusing on the stories of successful eCommerce Entrepreneurs. In each episode, host Uri Weinberger sits down with different online brands and discusses the success and challenges of growing their direct-to-consumer business. Guests come on the show from around the world to share their growth stories. They share tips, tricks & applicable strategies that they have attributed their success to - and what you can apply to your business. We cover Digital Marketing, Outsourcing, Fulfillment & more, in hopes to make eCommerce Simple for you.

Ep.3 | How this Floral Boutique Blossomed into a $1M Business
May 18 • 48 min
In episode 3, Carmela from shares her story on how she grew her Online Floral Boutique from $60K / year to a 7-Figure Business in less than 5 years. We discuss how a Physical Location can be the perfect compliment to an online store,…
Ep.2 | The Million Dollar Grocery Store Aisle Epiphany
May 2 • 60 min
In episode 2, we sit down with and discuss their growth story. We chat through the Pro’s & Con’s of small-batch manufacturing, how to effectively execute a content-first approach, and what current Facebook Ad Strategies are working for…
Ep.1 | How A 7-Figure Fitness Apparel Brand Was Built
Apr 20 • 45 min
In our series Debut, you’ll learn how was built by a single man, from a table-top screenprint machine to a 7-figure brand. We chat through the product design feedback loop, how to build a team that shares the same passion as you,…