Inner Light with Ellen

Inner Light with Ellen
Ellen connects with thought leaders in coaching, mindfulness, medicine, spirituality and more to investigate how we find our strengths to lead our lives with purpose, integrity, and compassion.

Life, education and supporting BIPOC youth with Dr. Kellianne Richardson, PhD
Jul 12 • 38 min
Dr. Kellianne Richardson on life, education and supporting BIPOC youth. Dr. Richardson is a research scientist and also a co-founder and on the board of directors for Camp ELSO, a community based environmental education focused nonprofit that uses the…
Trauma Informed Communication: “Every garden needs justice and liberation” with Shilo George
Jul 12 • 38 min
Shilo George and I talk about her work in trauma informed practices, working with agencies, and how emotions are so center to the work.
Affinity Groups To Support An Inclusive Workplace with Edline Francois
Jun 18 • 18 min
In this episode Ellen interviews Edline Francois on the benefits of creating affinity groups and how they can contribute to an inclusive workspace. Edline can be reached at
Anti-bias Leadership at the Executive Level with Edline Francois
Jun 17 • 28 min
In this episode Ellen connects with Edline Francois, a public health disparities researcher turned organizational development consultant supporting organizations in becoming more racially just. If you’d like to work with Edline she can be found at…
Benefits of a Mastermind Group with Jay Thomas
May 27 • 27 min
Listen in as I connect with my friend Jay Thomas, the founder of the Mastermind group I’ve been in for over a year. Learn how we run our group, what makes it tick, and what elements you need to successfully build and facilitate a group of your own.
Navigating Heartbreaking Change with George Winborn
May 17 • 30 min
Navigating Heartbreaking Change with George Winborn. “I didn’t know how strong the timbers on the inside of my heart were until they were shaken.” - GW —- You can find George at
Health and Healing with Dr. Emily Wolbers, ND
May 5 • 39 min
In this episode, meet Dr. Emily Wolbers, Naturopathic Doctor (ND). Learn more about what an ND is, how working with one is like a partnership built on a relationship with your health at center, and why Dr. Emily loves the gut so darn much. You can…
We are the Blue Sky, with Dr. Tia Ho, PhD
Apr 22 • 40 min
Ellen interviews Dr. Tia Ho, founder of Finding Mindful Now, to investigate how we manage our thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations best.