Scales of Change

Scales of Change
A Field Guide to the Dragons of Climate Inaction

7: A Form of Life
Jul 8 • 44 min
This is our final chapter, and our last genus of Dragon: Immobilis – the dragons of Limited Behaviour. This genus contains only two species: Immobilis signum, or the Dragon of Tokenism, and Immobilis jevonsii, or the Rebound Effect. They are among the…
6: Relatives of the Deep
Jul 1 • 55 min
In our sixth genus, we dive deep into the Dragons of Sunk Cost – the investments that work against our climate interests. Some of these may simply be financial, but they may also be emotional: our goals and aspirations, our patterns of behaviour, and our…
5: Force Majeure
Jun 24 • 34 min
Our fifth genus includes the Dragons of Perceived Risk: functional, temporal, financial, social, and physical. These dragons are at the root of all fears – steering our decisions in a continuous assessment of risk versus reward. When it comes to climate…
4: Driving Decisions
Jun 17 • 32 min
The Dragons of Discredence are agents of mistrust – the species of this genus are responsible for climate deniers, contrarians, and conspiracy theorists. But it’s not only the fringe that suffers from the dragons of discredence. They can act in subtle…
3: Writing on the Wall
Jun 10 • 38 min
Our third genus contains the Dragons of Social Comparison and Social Norms. Every aspect of who we are is mediated by these Dragons: we adjust to the norms of our communities – the people we interact with, and the people we consider to be our peers around…
2: Technosalvation
May 27 • 34 min
Meet our second genus of Dragons – Ideologies. These are constellations of beliefs and values; filters for understanding the world. One species of Ideology has flourished in the modern era: the Dragon of Technosalvation – A belief that technology can fix…
1: Hope Punk
May 20 • 36 min
In this chapter we meet our first genus of dragons: Artusnoia – the dragons of Limited Cognition. Among them, the twin dragons of Perceived Behavioural Control, and Perceived Self Efficacy (A. impotens & A. parvoperitia, respectively) are perhaps the…
Introduction: A Theory of Change
May 13 • 32 min
Before we lace up our boots and head into the field, some introductions are in order. What are the Dragons of Climate Inaction? Where do they come from? And why, especially now, are they so important? To learn more about the Dragons of Climate Inaction (+…
Scales of Change Trailer
Apr 20 • 1 min
Arriving May 13th 2020: There are dragons lurking in our minds, shaping every decision we make. The climate crisis is here, but as a species we are adjusting slowly to this new reality. Featuring Dr. Robert Gifford’s Dragons of Climate Inaction, and…