The Mask Podcast

The Mask Podcast
The Mask Podcast shares first hand stories from people risking their lives on the frontlines to those working hard behind the scenes, all fighting with the same goal: To save lives and end the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ep 4: “THIS IS NOT PERMANENT” Dr. B, Internal Medicine Hospitalist - LA
Jul 16 • 14 min
Internal Medicine Hospitalist Dr. B works for a large hospital in Los Angeles. We speak with her first at the beginning of April as the virus was just hitting Southern California and once again in late May as the first wave was winding down. Directed by…
Ep 3: “TOO MANY, TOO FAST” Michelle, ICU Nurse - Southern City, U.S.
Jul 2 • 10 min
Through an interview conducted on March 24th, 2020 with ICU Nurse Michelle, we look back to see what the state of the Covid-19 pandemic was at that time in America. Specifically, where Michelle works in a busy inner-city hospital in the Southern United…
Ep 2: “DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND” Sgt. Andre - South Eastern City, U.S.
Jun 29 • 7 min
Police Sergeant Andre is working in a South Eastern City hit hard by Covid-19. It’s a city with an already high crime rate, now worsened by the Coronavirus. Sgt. Andre especially worries about the consequences of kids not being in school, and left to…
Ep 1: “LAST PERSON ON EARTH” Dr. Karen, Physician - NYC
Jun 16 • 22 min
On our premiere episode we discuss with Dr. Karen Nielsen, a Manhattan based physician, on what it’s like to be in New York City, the United States epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak, during the peak of their battle. We hear in great detail what it is…