Day by Day

Day by Day
The Face Magazine calls it “the best thing to emerge from quarantine.” From Must B Nice comes Day by Day, the podcast series of stories inspired by our new normal. Created and produced by Adam Faze and Jamie Dolan. For the best experience, listen with headphones. Follow us on Instagram @mustbnice + @daybyday and on Twitter @daybydaypod + @mustbnicefilms!

‘Meteors’ starring Brooklyn Prince, David Strathairn, Darby Camp, Christian Isaiah, and Keith L. Williams
Aug 7 • 14 min
Stuck at home using Barbies as actors all summer, ten-year-old Dallas finally gets the chance to make the movie of her dreams when her dad arranges a social distancing bubble. ‘Meteors’ was written by Hannah Peterson and stars Brooklynn Prince (The…
‘Unspoken Truth’ starring Katherine McNamara, Angel Bismark Curiel, and Otmara Marrero
Aug 3 • 35 min
Zoe gets ready to see her friends for the first time since before lockdown, bringing up a wave of body insecurity. ‘Unspoken Truth’ was written by Johanna Block (EP 11, ‘At the Peak of It All) and stars Katherine McNamara (Shadowhunters), Angel Bismark…
‘Big Nights In’ starring Lucy Hale and Hero Fiennes Tiffin
Jul 24 • 25 min
Two roommates with different ways of life are forced to learn about each other for the very first time. ‘Big Nights In’ was written by Alexis Deane (Me. Mercedes) and stars Lucy Hale (Truth or Dare) and Hero Fiennes Tiffin (After), co-starring Oona Roche…
‘Quarter Pipe Dreams’ starring Griffin Gluck, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Rachelle Vinberg, and Timothy Simons
Jul 18 • 17 min
Unable to leave the quarantine of their home, two bickering brothers finally agree on something… turning their house into a makeshift skatepark. ‘Quarter Pipe Dreams’ was written by Olive McGowen (from episode 10, Relocation) and stars Griffin Gluck (Big…
‘Would You Care If I Left?’ starring Alisha Wainwright and Jorge Lendeborg Jr.
Jul 13 • 15 min
A young couple navigates their relationship with protests and a pandemic outside their window. ‘Would You Care If I Left?’ was written by Kasey Elise and stars Alisha Wainwright (Raising Dion) and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Brigsby Bear) with an original score…
‘Ghost Light’ starring Laura Marano, Tory Kittles, and Margo Martindale
Jul 2 • 33 min
When two actors reflect on the Broadway debut that never happened, some real life magic brings the show to life. ‘Ghost Light’ was written by Libe Barer and Rory McGregor and stars Laura Marano (The Perfect Date), Tory Kittles (True Detective), and three…
‘Class of 2020: Graduation’
Jun 26 • 41 min
The final installment in our two-part episode of Day by Day, ‘Class of 2020: Graduation’ follows the same six high school seniors in Cedar Hill a month after their virtual prom as they graduate in the midst of nationwide protests. ‘Class of 2020:…
‘Class of 2020: Prom’
Jun 24 • 33 min
The first installment in our two-part episode of Day by Day, ‘Class of 2020: Prom’ chronicles the lives of six small-town high school seniors on the night of their virtual prom as the ripple effects of two and a half months of quarantine begin to appear.…
‘Two Turtles’ starring Angela Gibbs and Glynn Turman
Jun 17 • 17 min
After being separated by the building of a highway, two turtles vow to return to each others claws…only for that day to come nearly sixty years later when the world enters quarantine. ‘Two Turtles was written by Leah Rachel and stars Angela Elayne Gibbs…
‘Healing with UMI’
Jun 10 • 22 min
In ‘Healing with UMI,’ artist and musician UMI guides you through a fifteen minute healing centered meditation to lessen any anxiety you’ve been experiencing over the last few days.
(646) 783-1043
Jun 5 • 1 min
Today would have marked Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday, so instead of an episode, we’re pointing you towards our list of six things you can do right now to bring justice to her family. Find it on our Instagram at @daybyday or @mustbnice. But we also want…
‘Black Lives Matter’ featuring Mr. StarCity, Skye Bennike, Antonio Whitfield, and Zora Casebere
Jun 3 • 12 min
‘Black Lives Matter’ features poems about resilience as read by black artists Mr. StarCity, Skye Bennike, Antonio Whitfield, and Zora Casebere with music by Eddie Codrington. These poems include ‘Fracture’ by Mr. StarCity, ‘Untitled’ by Skye Bennike, ‘A…
‘Winnie, Betty, and…’ starring Madelyn Cline, Sydney Sweeney, and Shannon Purser
May 29 • 18 min
Two estranged friends are forced to reconnect when one of them starts working for the other’s virtual therapist. ‘Winnie, Betty, and…’ was written by Lily Houghton and stars Madelyn Cline (Outer Banks), Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria), and Shannon Purser…
‘Neighbor Guy’ starring Harley Quinn Smith and Ahna O’Reilly
May 27 • 12 min
Two sisters in quarantine fantasize about the identity of an attractive neighbor who passes by at the same time each day. ‘Neighbor Guy’ was written by William Day Frank and stars Harley Quinn Smith (Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood) and Ahna O’Reilly…
‘At the Peak of It All’ starring Josephine Langford
May 23 • 25 min
A young woman quarantining alone in New York City battles against her own anxiety with the daily pressure to be productive. ‘At the Peak of It All’ was written by Johanna Block and stars Josephine Langford (After), Rhianne Barreto (Share), Tanner…
‘Relocation’ starring Elsie Fisher, Madelaine Petsch, Pamela Adlon, and Raegan Revord
May 20 • 18 min
A girl realizes realizes she has the ability to teleport while avoiding punishment at the group home she’s quarantining in. ‘Relocation’ was written by Olive McGowen and stars Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), Madelaine Petsch (Riverdale), Pamela Adlon (Better…
‘#AnnabelleClarkeIsOverParty’ starring Hari Nef, Alisha Boe, Jacob Batalon, John Ales, and Ever Carradine
May 15 • 22 min
Annabelle Clarke must make a moral decision in the face of a Twitter cancellation in this story about the downfall of celebrity culture in the time of a pandemic. ‘#AnnabelleClarkeIsOverParty’ was written by Ariela Barer and stars Hari Nef (Assassination…
‘Good Sister’ starring Ross Butler and Lily Gladstone
May 13 • 17 min
Two distant siblings make up for lost time on a social distance outing to a Wild Wild West town. ‘Good Sister’ was written by Li Lu and stars Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why) and Lily Gladstone (Certain Women) with an original score from Luka Kloser.
Lulu’s Story
May 8 • 3 min
Camila Mendes tells the story of Darlene “Lulu” Benson-Seay, the first incarcerated woman to die of COVID-19 in New York state. Join us in lifting up Lulu’s memory by supporting The Justice for Women COVID-19 Task Force in a fundraiser to protect…
‘Fallin’ Rain’ starring Camila Mendes and Lucas Hedges
May 8 • 14 min
Plagued with the fear of not leaving something behind, Franklin tries to get his ex to record an oral history of their relationship in case they both die. ‘Fallin’ Rain’ was written by Cameron Roberts and stars Camila Mendes (Riverdale) and Lucas Hedges…
‘Closed Germ Loop’ starring Willa Fitzgerald
May 6 • 11 min
In the midst of her divorce, a woman goes on her first online date right as the pandemic shuts down NYC. ‘Closed Germ Loop’ was written by Ani Simon-Kennedy and stars Willa Fitzgerald (Dare Me) with an original score from Giullian Yao Gioiello.
‘The Destiny Cinema 2’ starring Liana Liberato, David Mazouz, and Wyatt Oleff
May 1 • 19 min
A shy young newlywed couple fears their relationship won’t last the quiet and intimacy of quarantine…until one night they discover The Destiny Cinema 2, a movie house that opens its doors just for them. ‘The Destiny Cinema 2’ was written by Alice Stanley…
‘Breathing in Mingo’ starring Marin Ireland, Alice Lee, and Michael Cyril Creighton
Apr 29 • 14 min
When no one else shows up to a West Virginia harm reduction workshop, two local women interrogate each other’s life choices. ‘Breathing in Mingo’ was written by Abby Rosebrock and stars Marin Ireland (The Irishman), Alice Lee (Brittany Runs a Marathon),…
‘There Is No Title For This Story Yet’ starring Madeleine Arthur
Apr 24 • 20 min
While quarantining at her childhood home, a young woman realizes that the smallest encounter with her mysterious former neighbor has had a long-lasting impact of connection across space and time. ‘There is No Title for This Story Yet’ was written by…
‘Lovesick’ starring Julia Fox, P.J. Byrne, and Douglas Weston
Apr 22 • 13 min
When a married couple is forced to quarantine together in the midst of their divorce, they remember why they fell in love with each other in the first place, until… things take a turn for the worst. ‘Lovesick’ was written by Julia Fox (Uncut Gems) and…
‘Carry Me Home’ starring Gideon Adlon, Brandon Flynn, and Michael O’Neill
Apr 17 • 17 min
Jacqueline mourns the loss of her grandmother while quarantined in New York City until a sound from upstairs takes her on an emotional journey. ‘Carry Me Home’ was written by Naomi McDougall Jones and stars Gideon Adlon (The Society), Brandon Flynn (13…
Introducing ‘Day By Day’
Apr 17 • 0 min
From Must B Nice comes Day By Day, a bi-weekly series of narrative stories inspired by our new normal.