Backstage @ Platt House

Backstage @ Platt House
Brought to you from the University of Pennsylvania’s hub for the student performing arts! Tune in as our guests explore, document, and celebrate the performing arts at Penn, in Philly, and in Penn’s homes around the world.

7: Grayce Hoffman and Ayaka Shimada
Jun 12 • 51 min
Producer, actress, dancer, teaching artist, and arts administrator Grayce Hoffman maps our her rollercoaster ride through Philly’s Penn network, from apprenticeships to the founding of Paper Doll Ensemble, as well as an important expose on her all-time…
6: Claris Park and Louis Lin
May 29 • 23 min
Actress, director, playwright, arts administrator, and future law school student Claris Park took a break from virtual play directing to chat with us about how they wound up in their first theatre class, working in the Philly theatre scene, and the…
Minisode: Peter Lu, composer of Retro Climb
May 27 • 2 min
Peter Lu, C’21, composed two short tunes and submitted them for our theme song contest earlier this month! We loved our pick, Retro Climb, but you’ve only heard a snippet of the full jam in our regular intro and outro. This time, grab some headphones…
5: Pamela Hetherington and Helene Chesnais
May 22 • 33 min
Tap dancer, choreographer, and jazz composer Pamela Hetherington takes it from the top as she retraces her journey into dance, through Penn (with a special stop at Soundworks), from street hoofing to jazz, and to the founding Take It Away Dance and…
4: Melissa Dunphy and Kwaku Owusu
May 15 • 42 min
Content warning: This conversation contains brief mentions of child abuse and sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.Composer, musician, actress, and amateur archaeologist Melissa Dunphy visits us to talk shop about classical music, how to…
3: Ben Grinberg and Hannah Lottenberg
May 8 • 23 min
Acrobat-actor-dancer-director-producer Ben Grinberg, with fellow dancer (and -berg) Hannah, trace Ben’s artistic career and all the hurdles, hoops, and leaps of faith along the way. Find Ben’s company on Facebook as AlmanacDCT and on Instagram:…
2: Aman Goyal and Nancy Zhu
May 1 • 21 min
Podcast producer and Wharton’s Associate Director of Student Life, Aman Goyal, takes us on a tour of his winding path from student life to Student Life at Penn, and how a love for storytelling led him to his side gig as Philly’s regional producer for…
1: Annie Fang and Hannah Paquet
Apr 24 • 24 min
Actress and singer Annie Fang reunites with an old friend to reminisce about Penn theatre, share career advice, and give one million shout-outs. Find Annie on Facebook as Annie.Fang.1485 and on Instagram @thefatpecan. Also, check out this past project…
0: Welcome Backstage!
Apr 17 • 7 min
Introducing a new podcast from our little corner of the University of Pennsylvania!This season, we’re broadcasting conversations with local alumni at all stages in their journeys. This series of interviews, hosted by current students in the performing…