Blue Lightning Healing Meditations

Blue Lightning Healing Meditations
Welcome. Blue Lightning Healing is dedicated to helping you navigate your life to gain peace, calm, and love. These meditations come from my heart to open you to the infinite possibilities of life.

17 - Meditation with Divine Feminine
Jun 1 • 22 min
Come along with Gaia, Quan Yin, Boudica, Brighid, Divine Feminine as we determine our best outcome.
#16 - Thoughts on Self-Forgiveness
May 28 • 18 min
Why forgive yourself? Does it do any good? Yes, it does. Listen to my experiences with self-forgiveness and how it can help you move forward.
#15 - Meditation - Self-Forgiveness
May 25 • 17 min
Have you been shouldering all the blame in your life? Even for that stuff which isn’t your problem? This meditation Will take you to a time when that started, to love the you who was. Forgive yourself and love more freely and compassionately.
#13 - Meditation Bonus - Grounding and Connecting
May 22 • 14 min
Special request. Take a few minutes each day to ground to Mother Earth and connect with Divine.
#12 - Basics - Energy Cords
May 21 • 15 min
Energetic connections abound. But are they good for you? Find out what energy cords are, how they affect you, and what to do with them.
#11 - Meditation - Cutting Cords so You Can Fly
May 18 • 18 min
Energy cords are everywhere. They can tie you to situations and people no longer beneficial to you. This meditation helps you cut cords so you can become your best self.
#10 - Basics - Your Higher Self
May 14 • 8 min
Everyone has a Higher Self. It is your convection to Divine. Listen tho it and lice a more spiritual life.
#9 - Meeting Your Higher Self: Discover Your Life Purpose
May 11 • 13 min
You can access your higher self whenever you want to find direction or truth. This meditation introduces you.
#8 - Basics - Intention
May 7 • 12 min
Intention colors your life. Let’s talk about it.
#7 - Finding joy and balance in your work
May 4 • 22 min
Ever wonder when the switch was flipped to change your life from “happy happy joy joy” to “nose to the grindstone”? Talk with your inner child. Heal with your inner child.
#6 - What is Channeling?
Apr 30 • 9 min
I explain what it is I do, how I got here, and what you can expect in a session.
#5 - Meeting Your Future Self
Apr 28 • 20 min
Sometimes knowing how the story ends helps you continue the journey. Coffee with your future self helps you see past the fear and into your heart.
#4 - Basics of Protection
Apr 24 • 4 min
As you dive deeper into your soul work, you will find yourself vulnerable. Energetic protection allows you to feel safe in your meditations. I offer some ideas for imagery to use. More than anything, use what resonates best with you.
#3 - Feeling Yourself as Divine
Apr 20 • 17 min
Take a few moment to see Divine in yourself. Marinate in the feeling of Spirit. Take time now to see how your sense of Divine affects your environment. See the positive impact your spiritual life has on the world around you.
#2 - Infinity Breath
Apr 14 • 4 min
An easy breathing meditation to help you center, calm down, and gain clarity. Release wat no longer help you. Fill in with Love.
#1 - Introduction
Apr 14 • 1 min
Welcome to Blue Lightning Healing Meditations. New meditations uploaded every Monday on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.