Say What?!

Say What?!
Quick tips to help you communicate clearly at work, at home, and everywhere else you go.

ASAP? That’s next week for me!
Jul 9 • 5 min
We explore how to use words with intention to communicate clearly.
Let’s make this a private conversation.
Jul 2 • 4 min
We explore how email as more like a postcard than a letter tucked safely in an envelope.
Yawn…oh, that’s good enough.
Jun 24 • 5 min
How to go from boring to brilliant, and make your emails more meaningful for your readers.
Are you under a spell?
Jun 17 • 5 min
Spell Check does seem magical, but it has its flaws. Here are ways to compensate for Spell Check’s limitations, and help ensure what you wrote is actually what you meant to write.
Add emotional intelligence to your email
Jun 11 • 4 min
Building your emotional intelligence skills will help you be a better communicator.
What’s in it for me?
Jun 3 • 4 min
People don’t truly accept an idea until they understand why that idea is relevant and meaningful and important to them. Here’s how to add value to your emails.
Say goodbye to your attachments
May 26 • 6 min
It’s best to avoid sending email attachments, but if you can’t resist the urge tie up your emails with attachments, here are a few suggestions for you to make your attachments much more appealing.
Writing is a conversation
May 20 • 5 min
Quick Tips on how to make your email a conversation with your reader.
Begin with the end
May 13 • 5 min
The idea you want your reader to remember should be the subject line, and/or the first sentence in your email.
The medium and the message
May 6 • 6 min
The way we understand and use technology influences us more than the messages we get from the technology.
A few words about nonverbal communication
Apr 29 • 4 min
How to practice a few simple nonverbal communication techniques in today’s world of virtual meetings and social distancing.
What are your words worth?
Apr 23 • 5 min
This week, we’ll talk about using words with intention to help your reader recognize something they’d be able to see, if they were looking in the right place.
Create a culture of kindness.
Apr 15 • 5 min
How communicating kindness, empathy, and compassion create a healthier life – at home and at work.