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Seen & Herd
Industry Updates for the Modern Dairy Family

Episode 7: It’s a long weekend, and we’re here for it!
May 22 • 53 min
An episode chock-full of updates and info to see you through the three-day weekend! Annie AcMoody brings us some good milk pricing news, Paul Sousa briefs us on the CV Salts program, Jason Bryant shares the low-down on WUD’s Sacramento Strategy, we hear…
BONUS: USDA releases details of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program
May 19 • 11 min
Annie AcMoody brings us a much-anticipated update on USDA’s CFAP program, including details on payments, signup dates, how to engage with FSA, and what to expect next week.
Episode 6: Chopping, Chit-Chat and Million Dollar Rain
May 15 • 44 min
We get an upbeat market update from Annie, some new information about CDFA’s recently announced hearing, a peek into supply chain issues and how they’re being resolved with two intriguing sit downs; first with Bill Schiek of the Dairy Institute as well as…
Episode 5: Sacramento Food Fights and Pabst Blue Ribbon?
May 8 • 37 min
A week chock full of updates! Darby checks in with WUD Treasurer Travis Visser, Annie fills is in on the markets and this weeks PRB meeting, Anja shares how our Sacramento policy work has been shaping up, and Melissa and Darby answer member questions.…
Episode 4: I still have my hair!
May 1 • 34 min
This week kicks off with a quick and more positive market update from Annie AcMoody, a visit with WUD Board’s Secretary Lucas Deniz, and a super informative interview with Merced County Sheriff, Vern Warnke. For listeners who may be interested in…
Episode 3: Looking for the brighter side
Apr 24 • 45 min
Special guest co-host Annie AcMoody and joins Melissa as we navigate through this week’s Market Update, some neutral news on the producer price support front, and have a chance to meet our WUD Second Vice President, Dave Koolhaas. The feature of this…
BONUS: USDA Announces Producer Support Program
Apr 20 • 6 min
Annie and Melissa have a brief chat about the good, the bad, and the questions we still have when it comes to USDA’s producer support program, which was announced this past Friday. More updates will come through the week. For further questions or…
Episode 2: Ripping off the Band-Aid
Apr 18 • 29 min
This week’s episode introduces us to WUD Board’s First Vice President, Louie Borba and brings us briefings from Economist Annie AcMoody and Director of Environmental Affairs Paul Sousa. WUD CEO Anja Radabaugh brings us important updates on our legislative…
BONUS: All the Tools in the Toolbox
Apr 14 • 11 min
WUD Economist, Annie AcMoody fills us in on everything dairy producers should know in regards to Federal Price Support Program efforts.
Episode One: Welcome to Seen & Herd!
Apr 11 • 27 min
We hope you enjoy our inaugural episode of “Seen & Herd: Industry updates for the Modern Dairy Family”. Our first episode introduces you to our staff, with updates on current dairy industry issues, a welcome from our President and how to get your hands on…