Palace Cinemas Podcast

Palace Cinemas Podcast
Talking all things film

6 - Palace Cinemas Top Picks Currently Playing
Jul 29 • 21 min
The Palace Cinemas team take a look back at the re-opening month and recommend their favourite film of July that you can catch on the big-screen. Zak’s pick: King of Staten Island Laura’s pick: Shirley Alex’s pick: The Burnt Orange Heresy
5 - Special Guest, Hollywood Journalist Katherine Tulich
Jun 24 • 24 min
In this episode we are oh-so-lucky to be joined by Australian Entertainment Journalist, Katherine Tulich, known for interviewing the very biggest of the Hollywood big-wigs, with her work seen across outlets like the LA Times, Variety,…
4 - Genre Breakdown, HORROR
Jun 10 • 36 min
There were a few glitches (horrors) with the first upload - all fixed now! It’s been a bit longer between drinks for this episode… and that’s because we’ve been busy preparing for our national relaunch of our Palace Cinemas circuit from July 2! In this…
3 - Genre Breakdown, WESTERNS
May 13 • 25 min
In our third episode of the ( we explore and breakdown one of the longest serving cinematic genres, Westerns! Recounting it’s history, a brilliant Western you can catch at home for free, and our top-picks to…
2 - Best Cinema of 2019 & 2020
Apr 29 • 22 min
In our second episode of the ( (still gloriously lo-fi) we ruminate on our most memorable film from 2020 so far, recommend our favourite 2019 experience you can now catch at home, as well as look ahead to…
1 - Cinema vs. Digital
Apr 14 • 23 min
In our very first episode of the Palace Cinemas Podcast (welcome!) we talk about who we are and how we got started in cinema, discuss Cannes Film Festival refusing to go digital, as well as delve into retrospective cinema and what draws an audience back…