This Is Jen

This Is Jen
Jen is a standup comic with six kids who shares her secrets for balancing everything, and when you realize that none of that actually works, you might enjoy hearing her chat with callers.

I Watched Cuties So You Don’t Have To (Ep. 37)
Sep 18 • 43 min
I watched Cuties with an open mind, all as a service to you guys. And here are my uncensored thoughts. I’m now doing bonus content at *Thank you so much for your iTunes reviews! Keep them coming!* A Mixi Media Production
Virtual School Is Slowly Killing Us (Ep. 36)
Sep 14 • 48 min
If the school year is already killing you, this episode is for you! Jen also establishes a special bird call that producer Shady can sound when Jen gets too nerdy and boring. Don’t miss the story about why Jen owns a book about nudist bowling (at the very…
Unfollowed by a Celebrity (Episode 35)
Sep 8 • 43 min
I’m back! I spent my time off revamping the show so it feels more like you and I are hanging out at lunch instead of sounding like I’m talking to myself in a closet. Two new things I’m loving: - I set up a number you can call OR text: (512) 222-3523‬ This…
Are You a Driver or a Nester?
Aug 20 • 23 min
I’m blowing your mind with yet another paradigm I came up with ten minutes before the show. *ANNOUNCEMENT* - I am taking a podcast vacation and will be back on September 8th! In the meantime, check out these popular episodes you may have missed: 1.…
It Takes 100 Tries to Find a Schedule that Works
Aug 13 • 9 min
I found an old schedule I made that included an hour of “Circle Time” and fifteen minutes for “Planning Healthful Meals!” and I cannot stop laughing. Needless to say, it didn’t even last a week. But that’s all part of the process. *If you could take a…
You’re Not the Only One Having a Faith Crisis
Aug 11 • 24 min
I decided to address an elephant in the room: a lot of people are struggling with faith right now. In this episode I share my advice on how to deal with that, coming from my perspective as a former atheist. Though anyone who follows me on Instagram will…
It’s Okay to Want an Audience
Aug 6 • 16 min
If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, starting a podcast, growing a popular Instagram account, or putting yourself out there in any public way, this is the episode for you! I rarely go into this subject, but this is too important not to share. I go…
How to Make Hard Decisions
Aug 4 • 25 min
I have a phrase that will change your life when you face hard decisions. I say this phrase at least a few times every day, and it helps me let go of so much guilt. * Thank you for the reviews on iTunes and elsewhere! I read every single one personally.…
I’m Being Superstitious Again
Jul 30 • 19 min
Just when you thought my superstitious behavior couldn’t get weirder, I’m all freaked out about a stupid comet. But I have learned a lot about how each of us can let go of this anxiety that comes with feeling out of control, and I share that here. * THANK…
I Was So Weird With Chip Gaines
Jul 28 • 29 min
I ran into Joanna Gaines’ husband, Chris, and made everything super weird. If you ever hear that the Gaines family has issued a restraining order against me, this is why. But the whole experience was an example of God moving during difficult times, and we…
Most Habit Advice Is Bad and Wrong
Jul 23 • 18 min
Habits can change your life, but only if you develop ones that work with your nature, not against it. I learned this through much trial and error, which is how I am now an expert at pretending like I have had an emergency which is why I have to leave the…
Reject “Try Harder” Culture
Jul 21 • 19 min
When you reject “try harder” culture and accept that maybe you’re just not good at this area of life, really cool things start to happen. You’ll find that you start living in an “economy of love” (a term that I made up and am very proud of). P.S. I love…
If You Don’t Have a Best Friend
Jul 16 • 22 min
If you don’t have a best friend (or boyfriend / girlfriend) you can set goals in this area of life. Here’s what I did when I was really lonely because I had no friends - and how Hallie Lord had the misfortune of becoming my best friend. P.S. If you have a…
Moms, Embrace What You’re Bad At
Jul 14 • 18 min
It’s okay to accept that your kids lost the mom lottery in certain areas of life. You don’t have to be good at everything. The secret is know what your love language is (and is not). P.S. Thanks for your podcast reviews! Keep them coming!
You Know You Have a Great Friend When…
Jul 10 • 24 min
How great friendships bring out the best in us. Also, I apologize for the stories I share in this episode. Yes, I realize there are some mental visuals you can’t unsee. Want to make my day? Leave a review on iTunes!
This Is Why SAHMs Feel Powerless
Jul 3 • 20 min
So many stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) feel like they lost social significance when they left the workforce. Could it be because our current culture has no models of matriarchal power? ** You can support this ad-free podcast by demanding that everyone you know…
I’m Gearing Up to Hate Fireworks
Jun 30 • 22 min
If you think I’m wrong to hate fireworks, you’re not alone. We’ll talk about that, as well as how we can dialogue with people who have different viewpoints without losing our minds. ** You can support this ad-free podcast by telling 20 friends about it…
I Just Ruined Your Gratitude Journal
Jun 26 • 22 min
I had a major insight about “mission-driven gratitude” that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. But first, I confirm your superstitions and ruin the entire concept of gratitude journaling for you.
If Your Kid Is Crazy, It’s Not Your Fault
Jun 22 • 20 min
My fourth baby was super easy and I thought that was because of my amazing parenting. My fifth baby was a maniac baby and I thought that was because of my terrible parenting. Turns out, our kids’ behavior has less to do with our parenting skills than we…
Only Listen to This if You Feel Fat and Gross
Jun 12 • 28 min
If you feel fit and sexy, this is not the episode for you. I talk about Lizzo’s power video, the hypocrisy of how people treat her vs people like Alexandra Cooper, and why you must start seeing yourself as beautiful right here, right now.
I Was Fake on Instagram and I Paid the Price
Jun 10 • 13 min
That naked Barbie photo shoot seemed like such a good idea.
Embrace the F-Word, Change the World
Jun 8 • 19 min
You’ll think I’m kidding, but I’m dead serious when I say that if more churchgoing suburbanites were more at ease with blue language, it would change the world. Profanity is the language of pressure. If we’re going to be open to hearing from people under…
Find the Battlefield that’s Right for You
Jun 5 • 10 min
We all want peace and healing for our country. But if you feel too exhausted to be part of the war that must be fought for unity and reconciliation, maybe it’s because you’re on the wrong battlefield.
We’re All Fat and Poor Now
May 27 • 27 min
If you, like me, soothed your quarantine stress by drinking, eating, and shopping, and now the number on the scale is as grim as the number on the credit card bill, I have some words of encouragement.
The Tooth Fairy Gave My Kid Beef Jerky Again
May 25 • 31 min
We review my most disastrous tooth fairy gifts so that I can make an important point about decision fatigue in parenting.
Michael Jordan Reminds Me of You
May 20 • 24 min
The Last Dance is blowing my mind, even though I don’t know anything about basketball. It proves everything I’ve been trying to tell you about what it’s like to use your blue flame.
What My Last Day on the Air Was Like
May 18 • 25 min
My last show at SiriusXM was Friday, and I learned something important about not flipping out about big events. I also tried adding an intro to this podcast and think I crushed it.
Blow It Up
May 13 • 23 min
My husband called 911 while dressed as a clown, and I unpack the riches of this story for you so that you can step into his “blow it up” mentality.
I Quit My SiriusXM Radio Show
May 11 • 33 min
Here’s why. And here’s why you need to do that thing you’ve been putting off, too.
Diddy’s Sleep Meditations Changed My Life
May 6 • 22 min
Diddy released a sleep meditations audiobook and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Jen. She also opens up about her experience with insomnia.
My Depressing Music Playlist Is Awesome
May 4 • 20 min
Jen has a playlist full of the most depressing songs ever. She was going to listen to it after a recent loss, but something surprising happened instead.
Kid Screen Time: I Just Don’t Care Anymore
Apr 27 • 24 min
Jen doesn’t worry about kid screen time and neither should you.
Help Me I Have to Go on a Cruise
Apr 24 • 25 min
Jen hates cruises even though she’s never been on one. She offers encouragement for any other first world people who are ungrateful for things they should be grateful for. Episode Sponsor: Jen’s “How to Get Drunk Alone on Pimms and Squirt” webinar
Drinking Alone Seemed Like Such a Good Idea
Apr 20 • 21 min
Jen creates a drink called Pimms and Squirt, and the resulting hangover teaches her important lessons about self care during quarantine.
If You Feel Like You’re Weirder than Everyone Else
Apr 17 • 20 min
Draw inspiration from Jen’s husband, who brought his bullhorn to the social distancing block party and used the siren feature to keep the conversation focused.
When Nothing Is Going Your Way
Apr 14 • 18 min
Another podcaster informs Jen that the title of her new book is a term for lighting flatulence on fire. Jen draws an important spiritual lesson from this experience.
Prison Lesbian Easter
Apr 14 • 22 min
Jen gathers her six kids to watch TV on Easter, only to end up on Prison Lesbians II. This is the inaugural episode of this podcast and it’s never going to get better than this.