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GEP Insights
GEP Insights is a podcast for intelligent procurement and supply conversation. With over twenty years of procurement and supply chain expertise, GEP helps the best companies do better.

2020 Dynamics in Oil & Gas with Patrick Heuer and Ennio Senese
Aug 13 • 43 min
It will not have escaped your attention that the O&G sector is experiencing some major pressure. The global pandemic, a shifting political landscape and pressure to curb fossil fuel consumption are just some of the influences that have huge impact on O&G…
Energizing Digital Transformation with Accounts Payable Automation with Dmitriy Lerman
Aug 13 • 18 min
One thing that is clear is that everyone wants to get paid. When times are tough companies need to look closely at who they pay and when, and there are always win-win scenarios possible with suppliers. That’s why we’ve seen an upturn in interest in…
Revising The GEP Outlook Report with John Piatek
May 13 • 17 min
At the start of each year GEP’s global team of procurement and supply experts publishes a comprehensive, predictive report for the year ahead – the GEP Outlook Report. Following recent global events the economic predictions that were confidently put…
Are B2B Supply Chains The Elephant In The Room? with Mike Jette
May 13 • 16 min
Recent events have seen us focus on our own person supply chains as retailers have struggled to get goods into stores, and panic-buying has ensued. But as consumer supply chains begin to settle into a new pattern of normality, the trouble in supply is far…
The GEP Covid19 Help Project with Biju Mohan and Rafiq Merchant
Apr 13 • 26 min
As our “Covid Response Series” continues, Biju Mohan, VP & Rafiq Merchant, Senior Director discuss not just what companies can do, but how GEP has created a platform to connect suppliers of PPE to healthcare providers in greatest need. Connect:
How BFSI companies can respond to Covid19 - with Tunir Chatterjee and Ian Cotter
Apr 13 • 17 min
GEP Insights continues the”Covid Response Series” in discussion with Tunir Chatterjee, VP and Ian Cotter, Senior Director at GEP, to discuss understanding best practices in the BFSI sector, amidst the “scramble” this pandemic has caused. Connect:…
Responding to Covid19 in Manufacturing - with Vengat N.
Apr 13 • 20 min
Continuing the “Covid Response Series, GEP Insights sat down with Vengat N. , VP Consulting, to discuss the ongoing work in developing responses to the Covid crisis with a focus on Manufacturing industries Connect:
Responding to the Covid19 Crisis - The Retailer perspective - with Mukund Acharya
Apr 10 • 14 min
GEP Insights kicks off the new “Covid Response Series”, discussing how companies in the Retail sector can and should handle the COVID 19 pandemic. Our guest is GEP VP Mukund Acharya. Connect: