Earthling 101

Earthling 101
Let’s talk about all the things you didn’t learn at school. Let me help you understand your body, manage your mindset, and explore the gifts of mother Earth. Why? Because you have more control over your health and your dreams than you may have ever been taught. Together we will embrace it all. The ups and downs. The ugly and the beautifuI. The practical and the mysterious. It’s time to navigate this thing called human life, not just be along for the ride. I am your host Dr. Laura Hughes, and this is Earthling 101. Visit Laura at her website: or Instagram @drlaurahughes

5: Anti-racism- Love is not enough
Jun 20 • 45 min
Anti-racism work is the work of our times. Staying in the zone of love and light isn’t what will shift paradigms, and can actually be quite damaging, depspite the best intentions. This episode is shared from my perspective as a participant/”leader” in the…
4: Three things you NEED to know about the new paradigm of health
May 21 • 50 min
Today I want to stretch you by teaching you 3 things about your body that you may have never been taught. They will help you think about yourself and the way you interact with the health care system in a whole new way, and enable you to reframe whatever…
3: Learn to feel alive through using essential oils
May 5 • 37 min
Essential oils are a tool that I use every single day. For physical ailments, emotional ailments, and more and more as a tool to anchor in the mindset work that I was talking about last episode. There is so much healing available to us every day through…
2: Cultivating awareness in uncertain times
Apr 27 • 42 min
Do feel tension in the air right now? Do you find yourself consumed by information and opinions, and unsure of who or what to believe? You don’t have to be stuck in fear and uncertainty. In this episode, we will learn how to regain a sense of inner…
1: What a time to be alive
Apr 11 • 14 min
Meet your host, Dr. Laura Hughes, as she shares why she is so passionate about helping you re-awaken your inherent human superpowers, and sets the stage for what to expect in future episodes.