Can't Tell You Everything

Can't Tell You Everything
Welcome to Can’t Tell You Everything Podcast, hosted by soulmates, Kathryn Dyer and Karl Zoltan, who came to be photographers through their battle with cancer. In our lives, we’ve encountered our share of struggles and our goal is to talk openly about our experiences to help others through theirs. Along the way, we will invite our creative friends to also share their struggles and reveal how they’re working through them. Although we can’t tell you everything, we hope we can share just one thing that will bring light to your life. Cover photo by Sally Watson

I Almost Died
May 5 • 43 min
This is my near death experience. Everything can go wrong so fast, you never see it coming! See exactly how I almost died as I was filming at the time. Also see live footage of how I was saved! Life is even more beautiful when you know how easily it could…
When You Give It Gives Back
Apr 26 • 44 min
Throughout our lives we plant many seeds of hope with people but usually we never know which seeds take root or which plants continue growing. In this episode, we hear a story of perseverance and overcoming the odds. We also hear about a police Sergeant…
Straight To The Heart: A Conversation with Chris Do
Apr 13 • 44 min
A chat with Chris Do, the Emmy award-winning designer, CEO and Chief Strategist of Blind and the founder of The Futur—an online education platform that teaches the business of design to creatives. He has taught Sequential design for over a decade at the…
Forced Perspective Change
Apr 1 • 63 min
Get to know us better! How we came to photography through a cancer diagnosis and fate. How we found and utilized Instagram to share and take in inspiration during this overwhelming time. How we helped each other through and became stronger as a couple…
Making Connections
Apr 1 • 55 min
Karl and Kathryn discuss what they can share and why they have a passion for helping others. They both have lived a life of connecting deeply with people. They discuss why when you give, you get more than what you give. How fate and Twitter led Kathryn to…