NABS NOW Podcast

NABS NOW Podcast
Produced by students for students: NABS NOW focuses on subjects that students, educators, professionals and others come to learn, share, and voice. Hear stories from fellow blind students and professionals in education and career fields, learn tips, tricks and advice to pave the way towards success, and more. Podcast brought to you by the National Association of Blind Students, a proud division of the National Federation of the Blind

Getting Involved - Not As Scary As You 🤔
Sep 1 • 28 min
Please NOTE: This content was created before the COVID-19 pandemic. Please ensure that you are following all safety guidelines when becoming involved on your campus. College is an exciting time of exploration and discovery. Many students enjoy branching…
Accessibility in the Classroom
Aug 1 • 30 min
A huge concern of blind students everywhere is accessibility within the classroom. This episode focuses on what you need to know to make the jump from high school to college, ensuring that you will receive an equal education to your sighted peers. This…
#NFB20 - National Convention Sneak Peek
Jul 13 • 2 min
The Zoom where it happens! The National Federation of the Blind convention goes virtual for the very first time, allowing thousands of members to assemble virtually for what will potentially be the largest gathering of blind people across the nation. Join…
Diving into Diversity - Learning to Appreciate Differences Amongst Students and Beyond
Jun 1 • 43 min
It is no question that diversity is a huge part of our world. We each possess a unique perspective, and in this episode, we have open discussions as to what diversity really means. How can we learn to appreciate and protect diversity? Which diverse part…
Taking The Stage - Participating in Performing Arts as a Blind Student
May 1 • 35 min
Have you ever considered taking a dance class, starring in your school’s theater production, tackling a solo in a band/choir, or performing in some other way? Maybe, you are already an experienced performer who loves to hear stories from other students…
Planting the Seed: All About STEM
Apr 1 • 30 min
Many students find the prospect of studying science, technology, engineering, or mathematics rather daunting. However, with the propper accommodations and determination, blind students are succeeding in STEM fields all across the country and later…
A Trip Across the Globe
Mar 1 • 39 min
Colleges across the country are expanding study abroad programs offered to students, with some schools going as far as requiring that students take part in a studying abroad trip. Studying abroad offers a unique cultural experience that extends far beyond…
Suits & Savings
Feb 1 • 20 min
How to Dress for Success on a College Budget Whether searching for an internship, nailing a job interview, or advocating on Capitol Hill, dressing for success is the first step in ensuring that you make a great and lasting impression. In this episode, we…
Legislation 101
Jan 1 • 24 min
Advocacy for legislation is a driving force in enacting powerful change and equality for all those who are blind. With Washington Seminar quickly approaching, students Kenia Flores and Justin Salisbury share their thoughts on the importance of advocating…