Shakespeare In Quarantine

Shakespeare In Quarantine
Shakespeare In Quarantine, hosted by Alex Evans (actor) and Jimmy Walters (director & producer), is a weekly podcast exploring all things Shakespeare. Join our book club with a new play and new guest each week as we rediscover the stories and step inside the world of the bard. Whether you are an expert, studying or terrified by anything iambic, let us inspire you to read, watch, learn and even perform!

Henry IV Parts 1 and 2 with Harry Lloyd
Jul 3 • 36 min
Games of Thrones star Harry Lloyd chats to our hosts this week about Jimmy’s favourite play of all time. They discuss head or heart decisions, Star Wars and we even get to hear Jimmy’s Gollum impression.
Romeo and Juliet: Love or Lust? With Freddie Fox
Jun 26 • 42 min
Alex and Jimmy are joined by actor Freddie Fox this week. They explore the most famous love story of all time. They discuss feuding households, modern day romance and whether a phone would have saved the day.
The Tempest: Did Disney miss a blockbuster hit? - with Ekow Quartey
Jun 19 • 35 min
With Ekow Quartey. This week Jimmy and Alex discuss Shakespeare’s last play ‘The Tempest’. They talk about magic, washing up on desert islands, Aladdin freeing genies and the origin of many words and phrases we use today thanks to Shakespeare and this…
The Merchant of Venice Part 2 - with Rachel Pickup
Jun 12 • 28 min
This week Alex and Jimmy recap on last weeks episode and are joined by special guest Rachel Pickup. They discuss their favourite Shakespeare quotes, some of the best ones sent in by you and the ‘Merchant of Venice’ Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode (yes…
The Merchant of Venice Part 1 - The tragic ‘romantic comedy’
Jun 5 • 30 min
In one of the darkest weeks of racism in the United States, Alex and Jimmy by chance find themselves exploring Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’. In part 1 of this two-part episode, they discuss fear of the other, the endless battle against extremism…
As You Like It: Love at first sight and flirting in the woods? With guest Lucy Phelps
Jun 5 • 41 min
With Lucy Phelps. In Episode 7, Alex and Jimmy step into the forest of Arden to explore love at first sight, angry Dukes and sibling rivalry in ‘As You Like It’. They are joined by Lucy Phelps who played Rosalind for the Royal Shakespeare Company in yet…
Hamlet: A prince in isolation from the world. With guest Paapa Essiedu
Jun 5 • 35 min
With Paapa Essiedu. In episode 3 Alex and Jimmy take on Hamlet. They discuss ghosts, the theme of madness, Danish Jeremy Kyle and a prince in isolation… Their guest this week is Paapa Essiedu (The Miniaturist, Gangs of London) who played the iconic role…
Richard II: ‘A privileged brat or a noble King’. With guest Gracy Goldman.
May 17 • 37 min
With Gracy Goldman. This week Alex and Jimmy discuss their first history play Richard II. They discuss the real man, history and Shakespeare’s interpretation. What are the pressures of being a King and what makes a good leader? Their guest this week is…
Julius Caesar: Friends, listeners, lend us your ears! With guest Kristin Atherton
May 8 • 42 min
With Kristin Atherton. Alex and Jimmy come head to head in this episode on the first play they disagree about: Julius Caesar. They explore the morality of the characters, their different takes on the story and famous speeches. Their guest this week is RSC…
Midsummer Night’s Quarantine. With guests David Moorst and Kate Kennedy
May 1 • 29 min
With Kate Kennedy and David Moorst. In this episode Alex and Jimmy venture into the woods to explore ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. They share their own experiences of high school romances, unrequited loves and explore Shakespeare’s most famous love…
10 Things I Hate About Shrews with guest James Northcote
Apr 17 • 30 min
With James Northcote. In episode two Alex and Jimmy explore their first comedy ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. They compare it to the modern adaptation ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, as well as the musical ‘Kiss Me Kate’. They discuss teenage love, the art of…
Double double toil and trouble, lock down’s here so podcasts bubble
Apr 9 • 47 min
With Paul Tinto and Phoebe Sparrow. In the first episode Alex and Jimmy start with the Scottish play - Macbeth, written by Shakespeare whilst he was also in quarantine (for the black plague). Discussing the famous curse myth, witchcraft, ambition, guilt…
Shakespeare In Quarantine Trailer
Apr 8 • 0 min
Shakespeare in Quarantine, hosted by Alexandra Evans (actor) and Jimmy Walters (director and Producer), is a weekly podcast exploring all things Shakespeare. Going our book club with a new plat and guest each week as we step inside the world of the bard.