BELK Tile - Tile Talk with Mike Belk

BELK Tile - Tile Talk with Mike Belk
We are going to discuss different tiles, designs and questions that we get asked on a regular basis. Offering our point of view about certain ideas of everything related to tile. For more information please visit:

6 - Is it time to upgrade your bathroom tiles after Covid-19
Jul 11 • 5 min
Today’s topic: Is it time to upgrade your bathroom tiles after Covid-19. This podcast goes along with our latest blog post as to wether it is time to update that master bath? We have been getting a lot of customers coming into the showroom and wanting to…
5 - Where to properly end kitchen backsplash tiles?
Jun 8 • 4 min
One of our more popular questions, where to end kitchen backsplash tiles when designing around outlets and counter tops. Wanted to discuss a few options today on some ideas on where to stop a kitchen backsplash when coming to an open end of a kitchen…
4 - Waterjet Tiles for bathrooms and backsplashes.
May 10 • 5 min
Today’s episode is about waterjet tiles for bathrooms and backsplashes. Over the last several weeks, we have been getting quite a few questions on waterjet marble tiles. These guys are on the expensive side, but can create some of the most beautiful looks…
3: What is Bullnose tile and why do I need it?
Apr 18 • 6 min
Episode 3 of BELK Tile’s podcast focuses on bullnose tiles and why they are needed. We discuss how they are made, cost and availability.
2: Antique Copper Backsplash Tiles
Apr 10 • 3 min
Episode 2 is about Antique Copper Mosaic Tiles. We start off by going into a bit of History of the metal and when it come to fruition and go into some of the uses for material. Backsplashes, wet bars and more drier places are ideal. Try and avoid wet…
1: Welcome to BELK Tile’s Podcast Introduction
Apr 7 • 1 min
Welcome to BELK Tile’s first ever podcast. We have been trying to figure out ways to communicate with our customers through this stay at home order we are currently under. I thought to myself, what better way than to communicate by Podcast. I will…