Magnum, podcast - revisiting "Magnum P.I."

Magnum, podcast - revisiting "Magnum P.I."
Locked inside their homes with nowhere else to turn, three men embark on a journey to watch selected episodes of one of the greatest TV shows of the 1980s, “Magnum, p.i.”

18: “J. ‘Digger’ Doyle” (S1E17)
Aug 6 • 33 min
In a spin-off attempt that went nowhere, we get to meet J. “Digger” Doyle, played by Erin Gray right between her roles in “Buck Rogers” and “Silver Spoons.” We do an awful lot of Orson Welles impressions. Jason is frustrated by Higgins’s flagrant…
17: “One More Summer” (S2E17)
Jul 30 • 32 min
Magnum and T.C. walk on to an NFL team during training camp, because that’s how football works. Hey, it’s Pat Morita! And Dick Butkus! We invent Higgins’s podcast. And Phil has some very important Fritz Feld follow-up….
16: “Forty” (S7E17)
Jul 23 • 24 min
Magnum turns 40 and stalks a woman from a boat offshore, as you do. Typical stuff….
15: “Operation: Silent Night” (S4E10)
Jul 16 • 18 min
It’s Christmas in July as we take on a rare holiday-themed episode! T.C. is going home for Kwanzaa, but first he has to drop off Rick, Higgins, and Thomas on various Hawaiian islands. Of course, things don’t go according to plan and they get stuck on Fake…
14: “Birdman of Budapest” (S3E16)
Jul 9 • 31 min
The Hungarian Revolution. An elusive bird expert. A… murderous macaw? Just your average wacky episode of “Magnum, p.i.” Whoops! (feathers) Please watch this 35 second Magnum clip. I have not stopped laughing. “Wear A Mask”…
13: “Laura” (S7E18)
Jul 2 • 31 min
Shoo-be-doo-be-doo, it’s that koo-koo episode where Frank Sinatra met that kid detective Tom Magnum. It is dark, it is unpleasant, and Sinatra may just be in it for the Hawaiian vacation. Unlike “Laura”, this podcast episode is entirely pleasant! Phil…
12: “The Big Blow” (S3E22)
Jun 25 • 38 min
A hurricane is bearing down on Hawaii, a solstice-themed party is an excuse to find a potential murderer, and a violent idiot named Randy comes to the Masters Estate. The locals on the shortwave are calling it The Big Blow! Also, this podcast finally gets…
11: “Deja Vu” (S6E1)
Jun 18 • 47 min
It seemed like a prophetic dream, but it’s true — our Official England Expert Antony Johnston rejoins us to discuss the sixth season premiere, “Deja Vu,” in which Magnum, Higgins, and Rick go to London, meet Peter Davison and Julian Glover, grapple with…
10: “Going Home” (S6E7)
Jun 11 • 29 min
Life ain’t easy when the Big Lebowski is your stepdad. Jason looks for secret palm trees and imagines the “Magnum” sitcom, featuring Joe Regalbuto!…
9: “From Moscow to Maui” (S2E4)
Jun 4 • 30 min
Magnum seeks to induce a track star to defect from the Soviet Union while Higgins attempts to bore a KGB agent to death with the theories of Karl Marx. Yep, it’s the 80s….
8: “The Elmo Ziller Story” (S2E21)
May 28 • 17 min
John Hillerman does a funny accent in order to save Higgins’s niece’s family rodeo from the hands of her wicked stepmother. It is more ridiculous than it sounds….
7: “The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii” (S1E8)
May 21 • 21 min
An actor you might remember from “The Godfather, Part II” steals every scene in this episode about mobsters trying to kidnap a dog. We loved it….
6: “Novel Connection” (S7E9) and “Magnum On Ice” (MSW S3E8)
May 13 • 54 min
In a special crossover episode, we’re joined by Scott McNulty, host of a “Murder, She Wrote” podcast that doesn’t exist (yet?), to discuss Magnum meeting Jessica Fletcher in a special two-show episode. These episodes feature lanai PCs, crowbars, Sheraton…
5: “Did You See The Sunrise?” (S3E01-02)
May 6 • 67 min
Special guest Antony Johnston gives us an English read on Higgins’s accent, and we discuss the episode that everyone was talking about on the playground the next day back in 1982, or maybe 1983 if you were in the UK. Does the show treat its women fairly?…
4: “The Case of the Red-Faced Thespian” (S4E12)
Apr 29 • 24 min
The funny head wounds continue, as Higgins transforms into an even more pompous character in the midst of a 1920s revival party populated by a bunch of rich friends of Robin Masters. Also, T.C. would like an autograph—for his sister….
3: “Luther Gillis: File #521” (S4E2)
Apr 22 • 29 min
A private dick from St. Louis arrives on the scene, but there’s this big guy, Tom Magnum, who keeps getting in the way of cracking the case….
2: “I Witness” (S4E21)
Apr 15 • 21 min
Jason gets upset about time zones, but Phil doesn’t remember it that way. David puts on a pig costume and sings “Feelings.” And nobody mentions the dead guy….
1: “Don’t Eat the Snow in Hawaii” (S1E1-2)
Apr 7 • 33 min
The snow is cocaine, and it’s used as a murder weapon involving an incident in Vietnam years before. Welcome to the lighthearted romp that is “Magnum, p.i.”! Also, we discuss the airport bathrooms we’d prefer to be murdered in….