Eat for Life

Eat for Life
Eat for Life hosted by Samantha Gilbert

05: Trauma, The Enneagram, and Triggers As An Invitation To Deeper Healing with Jean Masukevich
Jun 1 • 32 min
As we continue to move through this pandemic, our collective trauma is at an all-time high. The potential for fear and overwhelm to take over our lives is very real. But these unprecedented times are also an invitation to deeper healing and restoration.…
04: COVID-19 Depression, Anxiety, and Immunity with Dr. Albert Mensah, MD, BCIP
May 18 • 50 min
In honor of mental health awareness month, and in these challenging times, I feel it’s important to provide you with accurate information on how to support your mental and physical health. Supermolecules, as well as dietary and lifestyle modifications…
03: How Biochemistry and Genes Impact Your Brain with Dr. Albert Mensah, MD, BCIP
May 4 • 58 min
Our stories are extremely powerful and contain genetic, epigenetic, and transgenerational narratives. Educating yourself with the facts surrounding accurate testing and treatment provides a powerful pathway to healing the brain and body. In my last…
02: How Nutrient Deficiencies And Overloads Impact The Brain And Body
Apr 20 • 30 min
One month in, my client Amanda told me: “I had no idea my anxiety, racing thoughts, and fatigue were due to being severely undermethylated and overloaded with copper!” Her lab tests had just confirmed the underlying causes of her suffering…
01: The Power of Nutrients: How What You Eat Impacts The Way You Think, Feel, And Act
Apr 20 • 20 min
Nine months ago, Michelle was at an all-time low. She was scared, isolated, and felt hopeless about her future. Michelle told me: “I feel so defeated.” Her level of uncertainty and fatigue was higher than they’d ever been. She said that her mind was…
Introducing Eat For Life
Apr 3 • 3 min
We’re a mission to help you understand the root causes of your suffering so you can heal. Host Samantha Gilbert is devoted to helping you overcome things like panic attacks, depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, chronic fatigue, and PMS, by identifying how…