Slice of PIE

Slice of PIE
What is a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE)? And what does it look like across the worlds of sport, business and other performance fields? With 13 years working in marketing strategy for blue chip companies and 5 years training towards Sport P…

S1 - End of season review
Aug 6 • 11 min
Ahead of Season 2 of Slice of PIE, I thought it would be first worth looking back and reflecting on the recurring themes in Season 1.
Insulating performance from the packaging - Dr Jonathan Katz
Jun 30 • 55 min
In this last episode of Season 1 we put the Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE) under the microscope with Dr Jonathan Katz. He’s a former fencer turned fencing coach, a former counselling psychologist turned sport psychologist, and a veteran of 4…
There’s always opportunity if you look - Hannah Stoyel
Jun 25 • 57 min
Hannah Stoyel is a HCPC registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist, and the founder of Optimise Potential, a sport psychology consultancy based in London. She wears many hats: As well as doing her PHD at University College London looking at athletes and…
Social Identity (Part 1) - Dr Matt Slater & Chris Hartley
Jun 17 • 50 min
Dr. Matt Slater from Staffordshire University and Chris Hartley from the University of Stirling spend a lot of time thinking about groups, identity and leadership. Dr. Matt Slater is Associate Professor of Sport & Exercise Psychology at Staffordshire…
Performance, perspective and balance - Paul McVeigh
Jun 1 • 61 min
Paul McVeigh left his home town of Belfast at the age of 16 to sign for Tottenham Hotspur. He made his first start for Spurs up front with Teddy Sheringham, scoring on his debut in 1997, and going on to represent Tottenham as well as Norwich City,…
Dual careers and transitions - Dr Emma Vickers
May 25 • 53 min
Dr. Emma Vickers is the research lead for TASS – (The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) …an organisation at the heart of supporting athletes managing dual careers, but also at the heart of developing and pulling together research to understand how…
Be motivated to be the best version of yourself…and help others - Kris Soutar
May 19 • 67 min
Kris Soutar. He’s coached tennis for 27 years. He’s a coach consultant for tennis Scotland and a performance tutor for the LTA… he runs his own consultancy called the Service Box and produces his own podcast The Tennis Journal … he’s also a project…
S1 - Mid season review
May 16 • 7 min
Halfway in to the first season of Slice of PIE it’s time for a pause and reflection on what we’ve heard so far. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, ideas, reflections, challenges, or anything you’d like to discuss.
From the classroom to the Boat Race - Helen Davis
May 11 • 50 min
Helen worked in education for 25 years, before a mixture of itchy feet, curiosity, passion for sport… and some chance discussions with elite level athletes at her triathlon club - prompted her to pivot into her new career. Now Helen is a fully chartered…
Stress, rest and recovery - Professor Marc Jones
May 4 • 44 min
Marc Jones is a Professor Of Psychology at The Manchester Metropolitan University, as well as a consultant and researcher in performance settings working in both sport and business. He also runs a very helpful website called Sporting Bounce, which aims to…
Performance psychology and wellbeing - Dr Josephine Perry
Apr 27 • 59 min
Dr. Josephine Perry worked in journalism, marketing, public relations and crisis communications across private corporations and government - before making the career transition to qualifying as a chartered Sport Psychologist. She now runs her own…
You are not your job - Leon Lloyd
Apr 19 • 46 min
Leon Lloyd dreamt of playing for Coventry City, but winded up playing rugby for Leicester Tigers and England. Now, he’s a CEO, author and speaker, as well as in the final stages of completing an MBA. As a former athlete that has moved from ‘boot room to…
There’s no linear path to unknown - Richard Keegan
Apr 13 • 64 min
Based in sunny Canberra, Richard is a sport psychology practitioner, researcher, speaker and author. In 2015 he wrote ‘Being a Sport Psychologist’ - a book found on the shelves of every sport psychology trainee. This episode is about building careers. We…
Resilience in people and organisations - Dr Mustafa Sarkar
Apr 6 • 56 min
Mustafa is one of sport psychology’s foremost researchers and speakers on resilience. He somehow managed to find time in between lecturing, consulting and presenting at international conferences - to speak to me about some of his experiences. We talk…