Escape The Bubble

Escape The Bubble
Escaping our bubbles by sharing the heroic stories of young people that often go unheard.

Aug 6 • 43 min
Bold. Goofy. Proudly Latina. Precious. Working towards independence. Not about to put up with discrimination.
Jul 23 • 53 min
She is Real. Resilient. Not From Here. Withdrawn. Focused. Hilarious.
Jul 9 • 44 min
A road across oceans, finding belonging, inspiration, and purpose. Enjoying the present. *Musical surprise feature*
Maurice (Part 2)
Jun 26 • 56 min
Who is God to a kid who’s been through all this? What makes someone get involved in gangs? How can our schools and communities be more helpful for kids in tough situations? “Keep your head strong lil’ bro. You just gotta remain positive through it all,…
Maurice (Part 1)
Jun 12 • 59 min
Insightful. Resilient. Matter of fact. “I don’t wanna be another statistic.” His story of what growing up as a young black male in Holland, as school, police, family and friends have made it difficult to thrive. This episode was recorded just before the…
May 28 • 48 min
He went from sports, video games, and carefree, to drugs, juvie, and danger. But he’s coming back up.
May 14 • 36 min
If you meet him, you won’t forget him. Goofy, full of smiles, full of stories, full of resilience.
Apr 30 • 41 min
Ambitious. Discerning. Truth speaker. A young woman shares about being from Chicago, being misunderstood, trying to make it happen, learning lessons, and setting big goals. Cohost: Kristina Sage
Apr 17 • 44 min
A young man trying to be the man, trying to provide, and finding out what it means to proud of himself. Co-host: Malike Brandon
Season 1 Trailer
Apr 5 • 0 min
The debut season is here! The heroic stories of West Michigan’s youth that often go unheard. Enduring tragedy, mistakes, court systems, and family problems, the youth who have often been labeled as “problems” show us there’s much more than meets the eye.…