Andrew Canion

Andrew Canion
🇦🇺 I am interested in personal productivity and how technology plays its part. I love basketball. I’m politically engaged. Husband of Hannah and father to two boys. I live in Perth, Western Australia.

E07 - The Last Dance
May 26
Keep Practising: S01, E07 - The Last Dance. I give my thoughts on “The Last Dance”, and remember the time that I met Phil Jackson and Luc Longley. I celebrate the big news from the NBL, and specifically the Perth Wildcats. In Nerd Corner this week, I’ve…
E06 - Life in Isolation
May 12
Keep Practising: S01, E06: I reflect on how COVID-19 has impacted life at home and on Perth more broadly. In “Nerd Corner” this week, I talk about using Stream Deck in combination with Keyboard Maestro.
E05 - Meditation
May 4
Keep Practising: S01, E05: I take on the hippy-dippy topic of meditation, have some follow-up with regards to Australian basketball and introduce a new segment, “Nerd Corner”.
Podcast From The Field
Apr 28
Andrew checks in during a mental state refreshing bushwalk.
E04 - Basketball
Apr 26
Keep Practising: S01, E04: Basketball. Andrew reminisces about his basketball playing days, and provides us with a scouting report on his own game. 🎙
Apr 19
Keep Practising: S01, E03. A potted history of computer gaming.
Apr 11
Keep Practising: S01, E02. In this time of COVID-19 quarantines, I consider the value of social media platforms to my life.
Apr 5
Keep Practising: S01, E01. Andrew starts a podcast. As is the cultural norm, this first podcast episode is dominated with talk about podcasting.