Mission Critical Team Institute Teamcast

#8 Communicating Through Story w/ Clare Murphy
Jun 30 • 95 min
From main-stage theaters to medieval round-towers Clare has been a professional storyteller for 14 years now. She has performed in more than 20 countries, telling stories for all kinds of audiences. Her performances include shows such as “The King of…
#7 Emotional Athletics, Culture, and “Teaming” as a Sport w/ Daniel Coyle
Jun 16 • 88 min
Today, I speak with author Dan Coyle. We discuss LOTS of stuff like emotional athletes, the marshmallow experiment, treating “teaming” like a sport, his book The Culture Code, and the central question of the book, which is “Why do some teams add up to be…
#6 Ten (10) Principles of Navigating Uncertainty w/ Dr. Preston Cline
Jun 2 • 66 min
My conversation today is again with Dr. Preston Cline. We discuss the difference between “safety” and “security,” and why it matters. We talk about judgment and decision making, risk-to-force versus risk-to-mission and what it costs you to balance both.…
#5 Touching the Dragon w/ Jimmy Hatch
May 20 • 132 min
My conversation with Jimmy Hatch, combat veteran, founder of SpikesK9Fund, author of Touching the Dragon, and one of the most insightful, humble, and honest conversations you’ll EVER hear on the broad range of human experience. , James Hatch (and…
#4 Residue & the Hard Path w/ Dr. Preston Cline
May 7 • 64 min
Residue Research Paper (for public distribution) ( MCTI Podcast Website and Links to our Newsletter (
#3 The Physiology of Long Duration Effort w/ Dr. Andrew Huberman
Apr 24 • 128 min
This is a conversation with Dr. Andrew Huberman, Assoc. Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford University and Director of the Huberman Lab, and a discussion I’ve been wanting to have for a long time! We discuss the physiology of long duration efforts in…
#2 Swarms, X-Teams, and Routine vs. Critical Communications
Apr 13 • 49 min
Critical vs. Routine Communications Research and Survey link here ( . Thanks for contributing!…
#1 The Mission Critical Team Institute w/ Dr. Preston Cline
Apr 4 • 75 min
Show notes upon request at