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Building New Models to Increase Mobility Partnerships with Uber’s Chris Pangilinan
Jun 17 • 14 min
This episode features Chris Pangilinan, Head of Global Policy for Public Transportation at Uber. After working in transit for several years, as well as serving as a Program Director at the Transit Center, Chris joined Uber, in part, to help facilitate…
Canadian Transit Struggles with Pandemic, Fights for Federal Aid
Jun 12 • 16 min
This episode features Marco D’Angelo, President and CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA). Joining METRO’s Managing Editor Alex Roman, D’Angelo discusses the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian transit, how some provinces are beginning to dial…
What Does Public Transit Look Like in a Post-Pandemic Reality?
Apr 30 • 14 min
This episode features John Andoh, Executive Director and CEO of South Carolina’s The COMET mass transportation system. Joining METRO’s Managing Editor Alex Roman, Andoh discusses how The COMET and its workforce are dealing with COVID-19, what it’s like to…
What Public Transit Looks Like Now and Will Look Like After COVID-19 with Paul Comfort
Apr 13 • 27 min
This episode features Paul Comfort, VP, business development at Trapeze, and host of the Transit Unplugged podcast. Joining METRO’s Managing Editor Alex Roman, Comfort discusses the present and future of public transportation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic,…
The Immediate Impact of COVID-19 on the Motorcoach Industry
Mar 31 • 10 min
METROspectives has a conversation with the American Bus Association (ABA) President/CEO Peter Pantuso, who discusses the impact COVID-19 has had on the motorcoach industry and why he believes Congress must act to help support an industry that is mostly…
COVID-19’s Impact on Essential Transit Providers
Mar 31 • 22 min
Community Transportation of America (CTAA) Director, Scott Bogren, joins METRO managing editor, Alex Roman, to have a conversation centered around how the CTAA and its membership is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, how surface transportation…