This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything
Reports from the first epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in America.

The Future of Voting Is Already Here
Jun 3 • 27 min
When President Donald Trump focused his ire on mail-in ballots late last month, Twitter did something unusual. It fact-checked him. His claims that moving away from in-person voting during the pandemic would lead to widespread fraud was unsubstantiated,…
How Much Need Can Our Safety Net Hold?
May 26 • 27 min
The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a host of new problems, but it has also taken some longstanding problems and made them considerably worse. Homelessness was already considered an emergency in the Seattle region before the current crisis,…
How Coronavirus Is Upending the Arts and Inspiring New Work
May 6 • 28 min
hen the coronavirus came to Washington, almost every working artist saw their plans evaporate. Theater, dance and musical performances were canceled, while galleries and bookshops were temporarily shuttered to adhere with the social distancing measures…
Keeping Faith While Keeping a Safe Distance
Apr 29 • 29 min
Community is at the core of almost every organized religion the world over. So what happens to the faithful and their leaders when gathering is potentially deadly and forbidden by government? As all things in this era of coronavirus, the answer is…
What the 1918 Flu Can Tell Us About Life After COVID-19
Apr 22 • 27 min
As the world grapples with the spread of the novel coronavirus, another event from history has been invoked again and again: the so-called Spanish flu of 1918-19. While that pandemic, which killed an estimated 50 million people, took hold at a very…
Sorting Fact From Propaganda in a Pandemic
Apr 15 • 26 min
Misinformation is nothing new. In the past few years, the spread of convenient fictions and damaging distortions has become ubiquitous in American life, as trolls and propagandists seek to confuse and mislead the American people. What is new, in the era…
A New Kind of Anxiety and the Early Days of COVID-19
Apr 1 • 23 min
In the weeks since the novel coronavirus claimed its first American victim in late February, COVID-19 has come to consume every facet of daily life in the United States, as it has in countries around the globe. As the number of cases rise, many Americans…