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Tiger Prawn Pasta
Jul 5 • 8 min
Tiger Prawn Pasta is perfect for this time of year. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:Olive oil 12 tiger prawns3 Spring onions chopped2 cloves garlic chopped1 green chilli sliced1 lemon juiced1 lime juicedFresh coriander choppedSpaghetti cooked. Don’t…
Lebanese Chicken
Jul 4 • 5 min
Lebanese Chicken is simple and beautiful… Here’s what you’ll need:Olive oil1 onion chopped1 garlic clove chopped1 tblsp tomato purée2 chicken breasts boneless cubes1/4 tsp cinnamon1/4 tsp allspice1 tin tomatoesChicken stock potSalt/pepper See…
Thai Tuna
Jul 1 • 8 min
Devised by Mike Graham, and described as one of the tastiest dishes he’s ever made, you’ll definitely want to make Thai Tuna… Here’s the ingredients you’ll need:2 Albacore tuna steaksFor the marinade:Soy sauce2 Lemongrass stalks chopped I spring onion…
Savoury Fried Rice
Jun 28 • 9 min
Here’s what you’ll need for this fantastic original dish from MG’s Kitchen:Vegetable oil2 cloves garlic choppedI packet pancetta1 red chilli1 green chilli1 carrot choppedI/2 pack of iberico chorizo2 chorizo sausage1 lemonI cup basmati rice1/2 tsp turmeric…
Beef & Barley Stew
Jun 27 • 8 min
Beef and Barley Stew is absolutely beautiful! Here’s what you’ll need for it:1 onion chopped3cm fresh ginger sliced400g beef braising steak2 tblsp flour1 carrot sliced1/2 tsp ground cumin1 tsp thyme1 bay leafSalt/pepper1 beef stock pot1-2 cups…
Perfect Egg Mayonnaise
Jun 24 • 6 min
Egg Mayonnaise is the perfect sandwich. Here’s the ingredients you’ll need:2 eggs boiledTwo slices brown bread toastedMustard cress 2 tblsp MayonnaiseSalt/pepper Don’t forget to tweet your photos @MGsKitchen See for privacy and opt-out…
Hungarian Lecso
Jun 21 • 8 min
This is a beautiful Hungarian dish! Here’s what you’ll need to make it:6 strips of smoked back bacon1 onion chopped2 green chillies chopped1 yellow pepper diced1 tin tomatoes2 tblsp paprikaServe as a side dish or as a main with macaroni pasta. Don’t…
Chana Saag
Jun 20 • 11 min
Chana Saag is a beautiful vegetarian curry dish. Here’s the ingredients you’ll need:Vegetable oil1 tblsp butter1 onion chopped3 cloves garlicOne bag Baby spinach leaves1 tin chick peasI tsp turmeric1 green chilli chopped1 tsp ground coriander2 kashmiri…
Breakfast Burrito
Jun 17 • 8 min
Our breakfast burrito is a beautiful bite to eat in the morning… Here’s what you’ll need:Vegetable oil150g chorizo sliced3 eggsMilk2 roasted red peppersBaby spinachI red chili3 to 4 flour tortillas Cheddar cheese gratedSour cream/creme fraichePost your…
Beef Rendang
Jun 14 • 10 min
Beef Rendang is absolutely gorgeous, but it’s one of our more complicated dishes to make - will you take it on? It’s definitely worth it! Here’s what you’ll need to make it: 400g diced beef1 tin coconut milk2 lemongrass stalks10 kaffir line leaves1…
Fettuccine Alfredo
Jun 13 • 8 min
This is a beautiful pasta dish which can be made vegetarian by leaving out the ham…Here’s what you’ll need:Fettuccine or TagliatelleCheese sauceMilkButterCheddar grated Ham choppedPeasDon’t forget to tweet your photos @MGsKitchenSalt/Pepper See…
Sardine & Tomato Sandwich
Jun 10 • 2 min
The shortest and most simple recipe in MG’s Kitchen - a beautiful sandwich for lunch! Here’s all you will need: One tin of sardines in olive oilButterTwo slices white sourdough bread 1 tomato LettuceLemon juiceSalt/pepper Don’t forget to post your photos…
Mexican Tortillas
Jun 7 • 6 min
Get a taste of Mexico with this lovely dish, which you can make with leftover chilli or using one of our previous recipes to make new chilli -’s the ingredients:Chilli con carneRefried…
Stuffed Peppers
Jun 6 • 10 min
Stuffed Peppers are a beautiful snack. Here’s the ingredients you’ll need:1 onion slicedI carrot chopped I/2 green pepper 2 Thai chillies (red)250g lean minced beefWorcestershire sauce1 beef stock pot1 tblsp paprikaI tsp thyme1 tsp oregano 1 cup…
Ham & Cheese Toastie
Jun 3 • 5 min
Ham & Cheese Toastie is a perfect snack, and so easy to make!Here’s what you’ll need:Two slices of bread (white or brown)3-4 slices of ham2-3 tblsp butterDijon mustardGrated cheddar cheeseDon’t forget to post your photos on Twitter @MGsKitchen. See…
Lamb Tagine
May 31 • 14 min
Here’s what you’ll need for this fantastic dish:300g lamb shoulder (cubed)Olive oilGreek yoghurtHarissa 2 cloves garlic2 cm fresh ginger 1 half tsp cumin1 tsp turmeric 1 pinch caraway seeds1 lemon1 green chilli chopped1 green pepper sliced 1 cup cous…
Coconut Chicken Curry
May 30 • 6 min
Here’s what you’ll need for this beautiful curry dish:Olive oil1-2 chicken breasts1 tblsp Garam MasalaI onion2 garlic clovesCoconut milkI tin chopped tomatoesHandful fresh coriander1 lemon 1 cup basmati riceServe with naan breadDon’t forget to post your…
Asparagus with Lemon & Parmesan
May 27 • 8 min
This is a delightful side dish or light lunch you’ll definitely want to make this Summer!Here’s the ingredients you’ll need:AsparagusOlive oilBlack pepper 1 lemon juicedParmesan cheese gratedPost your photos on Twitter @MGsKitchen See…
Chana Masala
May 24 • 10 min
Chana Masala is a beautiful vegetarian curry dish!Here’s the ingredients:1 tin chick peasTwo green chilies chopped1 onion sliced 2 cloves garlic minced3 tomatoes slicedI tsp turmeric1 tsp ground coriander1 tsp yellow mustard seeds1 tsp Kashmiri chili…
Orzo Pancetta
May 23 • 9 min
Orzo Pancetta is one of the nicest and easiest pasta dishes to make.Here’s what you’ll need:Pancetta1 tblsp olive oil1 tblsp butterPeasParmesan cheeseDon’t forget to tweet us your photos @MGsKitchen See for privacy and opt-out…
Smoked Mackerel Salad
May 20 • 3 min
Smoked Mackerel Salad is our simplest dish to make, but it has to be one of the tastiest! You simply need three ingredients:Smoked Mackerel Baby SpinachSalad CreamPost your photos on Twitter @MGsKitchen See for privacy and opt-out…
May 17 • 12 min
Goulash is a beautiful Hungarian dish - made in MG’s style.Here’s the ingredients you’ll need:300g stewing steak1 onion1 packet pancetta2 garlic cloves1 tsp caraway seeds1 tin chopped tomatoes1 tblsp smoked paprikaChilli flakesGnocchiDon’t forget to put…
Cottage Pie
May 16 • 16 min
Cottage Pie is a kitchen staple - a hearty, beautiful dish. Here’s what you’ll need for it:250g minced beef1 onion diced1 carrot1 stick of celeryThymeBeef stock potGravy granulesSalt/pepperMashed Potato (you can follow my mash recipe here -…
May 13 • 4 min
A quesadilla is a beautiful snack that’s so easy to make - and vegetarian! Here’s what you’ll need: Refried beans2/4 flour or corn tortillasSliced raw chillisOne tomatoGrated cheddar cheeseDon’t forget to tweet your creations @MGsKitchen See…
Chicken Milanese
May 10 • 11 min
Chicken Milanese is a beautiful dish made in MG’s Kitchen. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:Olive oil1 chicken breast1 egg2 tblsp flour6 tblsp breadcrumbsItalian seasoning or oreganoFOR THE PASTA SAUCE:1 onion2 cloves garlic 1 jar pasatta or 1 tin…
Macaroni Cheese
May 9 • 12 min
Macaroni Cheese is a classic - and perfect for vegetarians!Here’s what you’ll need:For the white sauce:I tblsp butter3 tblsp flourMilkSalt/pepperGrated cheddarGruyere ParmesanPaprikaMacaroni Tweet your photos @MGsKitchen See for privacy…
MG’s Meatloaf
May 6 • 9 min
MG’s Meatloaf is absolutely delicious. If you’re a meat eater and you’ve never tried it - you’re in for a treat!Here’s what you’ll need:250g minced pork250g minced beef1 onion2 cloves garlic1 eggBreadcrumbsItalian seasoningSalt/pepperParsleyShow us your…
Chilli Con Carne
May 3 • 14 min
Chilli Con Carne really is one of our favourites - and it’s so easy to make! Here’s what you’ll need:Vegetable oil250g minced beef1 onion1 pepper2 chillies 1 tin tomatoes1 tin kidney beans1 lemon1 tblsp paprika 1/2 tblsp cumin1 tsp Tabasco RiceDon’t…
Paprika Chicken
May 2 • 8 min
Mike Graham cooks Paprika Chicken - a beautiful Moroccan dish:Here’s what you’ll need:Vegetable oil1 chicken breast1 onion1 pepper2 chillies2 tblsp smoked sweet paprika 1 tblsp paprika 1 tin tomatoes3 tblsp sour cream or craime freche Rice or pasta or…
Leftover Pasta
Apr 29 • 11 min
This is a fantastic dish you can make with any leftover pasta! Here’s what you’ll need:100g Serrano ham2 garlic cloves1 lemonParsley1 red chilliCooked spaghettiDon’t forget to post your photos on Twitter - @MGsKitchen See for privacy and…
Moroccan Chicken
Apr 26 • 16 min
This is a beautiful and tasty Moroccan dish that you can make in your kitchen. Here’s what you’ll need:One chicken breast2 cloves garlic2 red chillies1 carrot1 chicken stockpot1 handful green beansI tsp Ras Al Hanoit spice1 tsp smoked paprika1 cup Israeli…
Homemade Hamburger
Apr 25 • 10 min
Everyone loves a hamburger, and Mike Graham shows you how to make the perfect burger from scratch!Here’s what you’ll need:250g minced beefOne tomato slicedSalt, pepperGarlic powderMayonnaise 2 slices white sourdough bread Sliced onionsCheddar cheese…
Back to Basics - BLT
Apr 22 • 6 min
Here’s what you need for this beautiful classic BLT:4 rashers Smoked bacon2 slices of fresh breadMayonnaiseSliced tomatoSliced lettucePost your photos @MGsKitchen on Twitter See for privacy and opt-out information.
Super Soup
Apr 19 • 15 min
Mike Graham makes a delicious Super Soup. Almost anything can be added to this classic dish, and it can be made with meat or as a vegetarian dish… Here are the ingredients you’ll need:Olive oilPancetta cubes1 onion chopped1 leek sliced 2 cups Water2…
Sausage Casserole
Apr 18 • 13 min
Today’s episode is a delicious Sausage Casserole. Here’s what you’ll need to make this classic dish:Vegetable oil Three to four sausages cut into bite size chunks1 onion1 carrotParsleyThyme1 leekI tblsp paprika Half a cup of wine2 TomatoesOxo cubeSherry…
Straightforward Scrambled Eggs
Apr 15 • 8 min
We are going Back to Basics with today’s dish - Straightforward Scrambled Eggs. Here’s what you’ll need for this simple but tasty classic:ButterMilkEggsSaltPepperChilli flakesPaprikaToastPost photos of your scrambled eggs on Twitter @MGsKitchen See…
Lamb Curry Biryani
Apr 12 • 11 min
Mike Graham makes a beautiful curry, and listen out for the special ingredient 2 minutes in - a sprinkling of MG relationship advice!Here’s what you’ll need for the Lamb Curry Biryani:Vegetable oilButterShoulder of lamb1 tbls Garam masala1 tbls Curry…
MG’s Paella
Apr 11 • 16 min
MG’s Paella is “controversially” made with chorizo - but it is fantastic and will fill your kitchen with the sights, smells and tastes of Spain!Here are the ingredients you’ll need:Olive oilChorizo slicedChicken breast cubed2 garlic cloves choppedI carrot…
Back to Basics - Mashed Potato
Apr 7 • 5 min
Sometimes you’ve just got to go back to basics, and today Mike Graham gives you an easy and tasty way to do mashed potato - enjoy! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Salami & Chilli Frittata
Apr 5 • 12 min
A spicy dish that can be made for breakfast or lunch.Ingredients:Olive oil3 to 4 eggsMilk2 to 3 inches of salami (chopped)1 to 2 fresh chillies (chopped)1 tomato diced Grated cheddar cheese Parsley See for privacy and opt-out information.
Classic Spaghetti Bolognese
Apr 4 • 16 min
Mike Graham cooks up Classic Spaghetti Bolognese from his kitchen. It’s a simple recipe for a great, classic dish that you can make at home. Here’s the ingredients you need:Olive OilMinced beef (100g per serving)OnionCeleryCarrotTwo cloves of…
What to expect from MG’s Kitchen
Apr 2 • 0 min
Mike Graham gives an overview of what to expect from this tasty new series where he cooks great, simple food from his kitchen… See for privacy and opt-out information.