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The Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau
Oct 16 • 27 min
She walked the streets of New Orleans as if she owned them with her snake by her side. White slavers coward at the mear sight of her and feared her power. Heartsick lovers plead for her help and she tended to the sick and dying. Was Marie Laveau a…
Empress Baddie: Khutulun the Warrior
Oct 2 • 21 min
Move over Mulan there’s a new warrior princess in town, she can ride horses shoot an arrow, and wrestle any man in the whos that independent badass fighter?! None other than the Mongolian marvel herself Khutulun. Instagram: @fortheloveof_history Email:…
The Vices: Catherine the Great and her Sexy Furniture
Sep 25 • 20 min
Secret sexy furniture, erotic wall art, Nazis, and defamation of character! These are all topics we’ll cover in this week’s episode on Catherine the Great and her sexy furniture. Instagram: fortheloveof_history email:…
Fatima al-Fihri: the woman behind the world’s first university
Sep 11 • 17 min
Two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population are women—you’d think that higher education started as a boys’ club, but I’ll let you in on a little secret, universities, as we know them, were started by a refugee Muslim women in 859 CE! Instagram:…
The Real Ice Age Squirrel
Sep 4 • 17 min
Teeth of tiger, collar bone of chicken, ear bone of reptile, and weird little membrane thing that goes from cheek to ankle This is not a witches concoction friend, this is the recipe for Jurassic squirrels. Instagram: @fortheloveof_history E-mail:…
The History of Birthdays: stars, birthday daemons, and cake
Aug 28 • 19 min
It’s celebrated almost universally, billions of cards are sent for it, its been happening for thousands of years, and you’re assigned a daemon on that day, I’m talking about the day of all days, your birthday. Find out why birthdays in the west are…
Morsels of Antiquity: how coffee came to fuel the world
Aug 21 • 22 min
What do goats, tummy smuggling, coffee bouquets, human exploitation, and the Enlightenment period have in common? COFFEE! Yes, my friend coffee! Don’t believe me check out this week’s episode and find out the good the bad and the ugly of coffee!…
Empress Baddie: Wu Ze Tien
Aug 14 • 21 min
Everyone likes a good rags to riches story! Throw in an affair, a puppet emperor, feminism, and some murder and you got yourself a proper historical drama!! Take a listen to this week’s podcast and I promise you’ll get your fill of drama while you find…
Inside out: The Ainu’s tattooed smile
Aug 7 • 19 min
If a demon sees you, you’ll be just fine. That is if you’re an Ainu woman with tattoos! If you’re not so lucky then just listen to this episode and I’m sure you’ll be fine! I’ll tell you all about the history and cultural connection between the Ainu and…
The History of the Toothbrush: minty fresh breath through the ages
Jul 31 • 17 min
Have you ever wondered how people kept their breath kissable and fresh before there were toothbrushes? Well, wonder no more friend because in this week’s podcast I have the answers you seek! From cavemen to the present day, we’re gonna take a look at the…
Florynce Kennedy: kicking ass and taking names for feminism and civil rights
Jul 24 • 20 min
“I’m just a loud-mouthed, middle-aged colored lady with a fused spine and three feet of intestines missing and a lot of people think I’m crazy. Maybe you do, too, but I never stop to wonder why I’m not like other people. The mystery to me is why more…
Saint Drogo: Patron Saint of ugly people (and other odd saints)
Jul 17 • 25 min
you get a saint, you get a saint, YOU GET A SAITN!! EVERYBODY GETS A SAINT!!! No, seriously there’s, enough catholic saints to go around and there are some who patron some pretty odd things. My personal favorite is St. Drogo, the patron of coffee and ugly…
Empress Baddie: Queen Liliʻuokalani
Jul 3 • 21 min
Advocate for her people, heart too kind for this world, fiercely intelligent, and a musical genius! These are just a few of the things I would say to describe Queen LiliÊ»uokalani. But don’t just sit here reading the description, take a listen!! I promise…
Tanuki: the big balled God like raccoon dog
Jun 26 • 23 min
What has big eyes, a creepy smile, and a ball sack that change into anything from a hot air ballon to a mans face? The Japanese Tanuki of course! Don’t believe me? Just take a listen to this weeks episode and find out all about it! Instagram:…
The Glorious History of the Peanut: well…kind of
Jun 19 • 16 min
The glorious history of the peanut, well kind of. How could something so small be jam-packed with so much history? Where did the peanut come from, who is George Washington Carver? This and much more in episode 10 of For the Love of History. Instagram:…
Empress Baddie: Theodora
Jun 12 • 26 min
From prostitute to Empress of the Byzantine Empire, need I say more? Oh, I do? Well, what if I told you this empress baddie moved gender equality and women’s right forward my a thousand years? Don’t believe me? Take a listen and find out all the wildly…
Pompeii and Peepees
May 29 • 22 min
You’ll never guess what kind of artifacts archeologists found in Pompeii. Think the Romans were a bunch of prudes? GUESS AGAIN FRIEND, they be freaky! Find out just how freaky in this weeks episode! Instagram @fortheloveof_hjistory
Fork: The Devils Tool
May 22 • 21 min
Put down the fork heathen! How very decadent of you to use a fork to eat, why you ask? We’ll you’re gonna have to listen to the podcast to find out! Instagram: @fortheloveof_history
Drag Herstory
May 15 • 25 min
YOU BETTER WORK!!! Hey friend, wanna know how drag developed and turned into the global phenomenon it is today? Follow along with me as we travel from the victorian era to now! We’re gonna talk about the ups and downs of the drag scene, a secret language,…
Empress Baddie : Empress Jingu
May 8 • 20 min
Who doesn’t love a bad bitch?! No one that’s who! Come along with me as I tell you the tale of the OG Japanese empress baddie, Jingu! Maybe she was a myth maybe she was real, why not take a listen and find out?! instagram : @fortheloveof_history Episode…
The Circus, Sideshows, and human oddities
May 1 • 21 min
Welcome back, friend! In this episode, we take a look at the circus and sideshow with a special little deep dive into the people that made up the infamous “freak show.” This is no Greatest Showman, or American Horror Story but the real deal! Instagram:…
The True Story of: Cleopatra vii pt 2
Apr 24 • 21 min
Part 2!! This time we take a look at how other people have portrayed Cleopatra. Was she a sexy temptress, was she a cold blooded killer? Who knows?! But you can sure get a better idea after listening to this podcast! For pictures and polls go to the For…
The True Story of: Cleopatra vii
Apr 16 • 24 min
Liz Taylor, sexy temptress, super political master mind, who was Cleopatra VII? Take a little listen and find out why don’t cha! Instagram: @fortheloveof_history Twitter: @4theloveofhist
Pope Gregory IX’s War on Cats
Apr 9 • 24 min
Did you know an entire species could be excommunicated by the Pope or that kissing a cat’s butthole meant you were a new member of a satanic cult? Find out what the heck I’m talking about in episode two of For the Love of History. Please feel free to…
Apr 2 • 1 min
Well hello, brave podcast listener. I explain it all in the intro so give it a little listen! You won’t regret it!
The Turkey God of 300BC
Apr 1 • 21 min
He’s puffy and colorful, can rain down disease or save your soul, and is delicious on rye bread! He’s the one, the only Turkey God!! For pictures referred to in the podcast go to instagram @fortheloveof_history