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JLL Perspectives
Trends and Insights in the commercial real estate sector, including tech, cities, the workplace and investment trends.

#13 Regional hotels drive recovery as Australians holiday locally - with Jerry Schwartz; Brett Forer, Accor; Geoff York, Crystalbrook Collection; Julian Clark, Lancemore Group; Matthew Burke, STR
Sep 27 • 15 min
Australia’s regional hotels are performing better than ever as COVID-19 state border closures and international travel restrictions force holidaymakers to travel closer to home. Rarely do regional hotels outperform their CBD counterparts, but they are…
#12 Office density, distancing, and Uber tracking - with Michael Taggart and Sean Pereira, JLL Technologies
Sep 14 • 19 min
Data and accurate analysis of that data will be one of the single defining attributes of businesses to emerge from the health and economic crisis in control and positioned to prosper. For the workplace, and office buildings, technologies such as sensors,…
#11 Reimagining the workplace - with Claudette Leeming, Australia Post, and Michael Greene, JLL
Aug 18 • 15 min
Reflecting on their homeworking experiences during Coronavirus lockdowns, office workers are focusing on three key requirements for the future of work: the flexibility to choose their workplace setting; a place to interact with their colleagues…
#10 Re-cladding unsafe buildings and recovering the costs - with David Bannerman, lawyer, Leif Golder and Duane Loader, JLL
Jul 28 • 18 min
Government funds and legislation are being introduced to help owners replace dangerous cladding from their buildings and recover the costs. But which approach works best? Experts, lawyer David Bannerman, JLL project director Duane Loader and residential…
#9 Supermarket popularity shakes up neighbourhood retail - with Matt Healy, Elanor Investors and Lee McLaughlin, JLL
Jul 14 • 19 min
As COVID-19 forces people to centre their lives more around home, local supermarket-anchored shopping centres are becoming the focus of spending activity - but not just for shoppers. Retail investors are taking interest, with ambitions to unlock value,…
Bonus episode: KitKat shop bets on experience-driven retail - with Chris O’Donnell, Nestle
Jul 7 • 17 min
In this bonus episode of JLL’s Perspectives Podcast Nestle’s general manager of confectionery, Chris O’Donnell, explains how, after Coronavirus lockdowns, shoppers are hungry for immersive retail experiences, prompting the sweets brand to commit to its…
#8 Could COVID office deals prompt businesses to move? - Anthony Walsh, Kate Pilgrim & James Montague, JLL
Jun 22 • 20 min
Working from home has turned out just fine for many people, and now businesses are rethinking how much office space they need, where it should be located, and how it should be designed. Which companies are taking advantage of ‘COVID deals’ and what are…
#7: It’s game on again for industrial investment – Tony Iuliano & Jamie Guerra, JLL
Jun 5 • 16 min
The industrial sector is open for business again. That’s the message as the sale of four Aldi distribution centres in Australia for $648 million marks the largest industrial transaction of the year. The portfolio was acquired by a joint venture between…
#6: Re-entering the office in the new norm – Tony Wyllie, JLL & Andrew Borger, Charter Hall
May 27 • 17 min
How are businesses and building owners approaching the office return as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease? With the virus still posing a risk, what are the prevailing measures being put in place from building and lift access, to desk spacing, and…
#5: Hotels shape up in a COVID-19 world - JLL’s Ross Beardsell & Peter Harper with Matthew Rubie, Frasers Hospitality
May 27 • 16 min
Hotels swap overnight rates for 12-month leases, reconfigure conference rooms, revisit management agreements, and eschew the breakfast bar amid the global pandemic. Hear from Ross Beardsell, executive vice president, project and development services, JLL…
#4: Will COVID-19 change how landlords and tenants engage? - Richard Fennell, JLL & Sarah Philipson, Norton Rose Fulbright
May 5 • 16 min
The relationship between landlord and tenant is the lynchpin of the entire real estate sector, but distancing and the economic fallout from COVID-19 is taking this important partnership into unchartered waters. With most leases failing to account for…
#3: Why the Covid-19 toilet paper shortage will change logistics - Jaime Guerra, JLL & Amy Bentley, Toll Group
Apr 21 • 17 min
As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to unfold, supermarket shelves have been emptying quickly as shoppers preparing for lockdown stock up on household staples – not least, toilet paper. What has been the hold up? And how do we make sure essential goods…
#2: How food retailers are reinventing themselves as social distancing sets in - Abigail Campion, JLL & Suzee Brain, Brain & Poulter
Apr 1 • 20 min
Bars, restaurants and cafes might be closing their doors to dine-in customers, but their goods are mostly still available by other means as COVID-19 forces retailers and landlords to innovate to maintain cash flow. (Recorded 25 March)
#1: Why COVID-19 will change work life as we know it - Gillian Rowbotham, JLL & Ness Stonnil, Job Pair
Apr 1 • 15 min
The future of office life is here as large-scale working from home gives more people a taste of flexible working. Host: Rebecca Kent, content manager - Australia, JLL Guests: Gillian Rowbotham, human experience manager -Australasia, JLL; and Ness Stonnil,…