Arts In Isolation Series - Asia House

Arts In Isolation Series - Asia House
Coping with coronavirus’ fruits of boredom? Well, make our Asia House Arts In Isolation series your favourite playlist and belt them out — and open a window so others can hear.Pretty much everything from the Louvre to the NBA has been closed, cancelle

15. Rethinking Identities: Iran & Beyond – Sussan Babaie and Seif El Rashidi
Jul 7 • 38 min
Dr Sussan Babaie offers an illuminating conversation about how we, as a society, deal with misconceptions and stereotypes regarding our past and own cultures. She uses the example of Iran to reflect on these and other issues such as identity, education…
14. China & the Other – Nixi Cura and Juan de Lara
Jul 1 • 26 min
Nixi Cura gives us a comprehensible historical insight on how has China dealt with the different ethnicities and minorities that form the modern-day country, and reflects on why trade is important to build up tolerance and harmonious coexistence.This…
13. The Sanctuary at the Heart of Islam – Simon O’Meara and Seif El Rashidi
Jun 24 • 35 min
The Kaaba is the sanctuary at the heart of Mecca, where over one million pilgrims from around the world gather every year, and towards which the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims pray. Join Dr Simon O’Meara for a fascinating conversation about the Kaaba and…
12. A Game of Thrones - Tarek Swelim and Seif El Rashidi
Jun 15 • 34 min
Professor Tarek Swelim shares with us a remarkable time in history full of political conflict, intrigue and of course, beauty: Mamluk Egypt. Follow us on this inspiring journey to discover the savage outcome of this dynasty. This podcast is part of Asia…
11. Storytelling: The Art of Greater Being – Alia Alzougbi and Juan de Lara
Jun 10 • 22 min
Join BAFTA-nominated artist, Alia Alzougbi, in this inspiring and thought-provoking tale about individuality, self-overcoming and our role within a community. Alia’s practice is based on storytelling techniques and traditions and, as well as performing,…
10. The Forgotten Kingdoms of India - Navina Haidar and Seif El Rashidi
Jun 3 • 34 min
Navina Haidar, Curator in Charge of the Department of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, takes us on an inspiring journey to South India and the sultanates of the Deccan. This was a land of great natural wealth that produced striking…
9. World Trade & Art: The Malay World- Michael Backman and Juan de Lara
May 26 • 29 min
Gallerist, economist and author Michael Backman reveals the importance and key role of the Malay world in the history of economy, business and trade; and discusses how the fluidity of the Malay world and its interaction with the rest of the world has…
8. The Fascination of Islam - Anna Contadini and Juan de Lara
May 20 • 34 min
Professor Anna Contadini takes us through an evocative journey to discover the fascination and curiosity that Islamic art and intellectual thought inspired in the pre-modern European thinkers and scholars, and how that fascination—led by wonder and…
7. The Crusades - Monarchs and Merchants - Scott Redford and Seif El Rashidi
May 13 • 35 min
Archaeologist and professor Scott Redford opens our eyes to better understand the Crusades, a period which is usually seen a bloodshed, but that meant much more than that to the vibrant cultural development of the Mediterranean even to our days.
6. The Gardens of Palestine - Lara Zureikat and Seif El Rashidi
May 6 • 36 min
Gardens have had a special place in mankind’s history, from the Garden of Eden to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, humans have always attempted to surround themselves with nature. Gardens in Islam have also been a popular design device that was present…
5.Ottoman Complexities - With Edhem Eldem and Juan de Lara
Apr 29 • 35 min
Edhem Eldem reflects on the past, multiculturalism and Orientalism taking the Ottoman Empire as a case study. This podcast is part of Asia House Arts in Isolation Series and Converging Paths, an initiative organised in partnership with the Barakat Trust…
4. God is Beautiful and Loves Beauty – Doris Behrens Abouseif and Seif El Rashidi
Apr 22 • 31 min
Doris Abouseif shares her research on concepts of beauty and objects from the Islamic past.This podcast is part of Asia House Arts in Isolation Series and Converging Paths, an initiative organised in partnership with the Barakat Trust that promotes the…
3. Art in Peril - With Layla S. Diba and Juan de Lara
Apr 15 • 29 min
This week’s podcast brings you a story of loss, but also of hope. Layla S. Diba narrates her experiences directing the Negarestan Museum in Tehran—and how it was erased from history. She also reflects on the importance of culture in protecting our…
2. Can we learn from the past? With Nasser O. Rabbat and Seif El Rashidi
Apr 7 • 33 min
By expanding our experience to the lives of men and women in different times and places, history teaches us valuable things both about others and ourselves. With the current threat of COVID-19, the world seems to navigate towards the unknown. However,…
1. New with Old - Islamic Art at The British Museum - Venetia Porter and Juan de Lara
Mar 30 • 28 min
Venetia Porter walks us through her experience curating the Albukhary Foundation Islamic galleries of the British Museum, how the collection grew bigger with contemporary art, how institutions are reacting to the coronavirus threat and what is making…