Cows in the field

Cows in the field
Two cows talk about moovies, philosophy, art, and culture. Hosted by Justin Khoo (professor of philosophy at MIT) and Laura Khoo (art historian turned fundraiser).

Aug 14 • 57 min
The cows go back to Titanic and explore how Cameron weaves together themes of love, memory, duty, and class into a massive scale disaster flick. Is Titanic, which was at the time the most expensive and highest grossing movie ever, secretly an…
Vampire’s Kiss / The Assistant
Jul 31 • 55 min
The two cows journey into the madness of toxic masculinity, pairing the madcap Nicolas Cage classic “Vampire’s Kiss” with the recent Kitty Green masterpiece, “The Assistant.” How do artists use hyper-realism and non-realist expressionism to depict…
Searching for Bobby Fischer
Jul 17 • 64 min
The two cows visit the chess hustlers in Washington Square Park to dive deep on one of the best sports/parenting movies, Searching for Bobby Fischer. What does the pursuit of excellence demand, and is it ultimately worth it? How should we as parents or…
Children of Men
Jul 3 • 70 min
The two cows are joined by friend Vishal Dave to visit humanity in its final days in Children of Men, a movie that seems in retrospect sadly prescient for our current times. What would knowledge of the imminent end of humanity mean for the final…
The Blair Witch Project
Jun 19 • 61 min
The two cows delve into the Black Hills Forest to sort out why the Blair Witch Project was the tenth highest grossing movie of 1999, why it took so long for Hollywood to capitalize on found footage horror, the nature of horror itself and why we desire to…
No Country For Old Men
Jun 5 • 85 min
The two cows head to Texas with their pal Edward to consider one of the best film adaptations of a book ever. Topics discussed include encounters with the unintelligible, grappling with our shared fate of becoming lost to the passage of time, Sartrean bad…
The Social Network
May 25 • 65 min
The two cows revisit a more innocent time, when Facebook was just a silly site where people posted relationship statuses and the only concerns about it involved whether your mom saw that frat party photo your friend tagged you in. Is Sorkin overrated? Is…
May 17 • 89 min
The two cows are joined this week by special guest Molly Moltario; together, they embark on an interstellar journey into the bureaucratic maze of academic funding. Join us for a discussion of aliens (where are they?), McConaughey vs. Fichtner (who best?),…
Minority Report
May 7 • 76 min
The two cows go running with Tom Cruise and discuss the future as it was projected in 2002, the nature of middle knowledge, themes of blindness/control/justice, and give their top five Spielberg movies. 10.44: Future talk 28.34: Justin’s philosophy corner…
Five Streaming Double Features
Apr 18 • 55 min
The two cows recommend five double features, all streaming on either Netflix or Amazon Prime. The themes are: High and Low, Paranoia, Families Falling Apart, The Rules of the Universe, How to Win Friends and Influence People. . . . . Movies recommended:…
Can’t Hardly Wait
Apr 12 • 43 min
The two cows go back to high school to revisit this classic 90s teen comedy and discuss house parties, a real life Trip McNeely story, and Siskel & Ebert’s rating scale.
Joy Ride
Apr 5 • 54 min
The two cows take a road trip to discuss how a decade of bored contentment in America gave rise to both the gen-X slacker and prank culture, laying the seeds for a generational conflict that takes center stage in this highly rewatchable 2001 John Dahl…
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Mar 29 • 64 min
The two cows discuss time travel, religious themes, and the nature of sequels in this action-packed episode.
The Departed
Mar 19 • 33 min
The two cows go to confession with Martin Scorsese’s Boston crime drama.