Get a global perspective on the liberty movement from discussions with incredible people who are changing lives by strengthening their communities, empowering individuals, and championing the cause of freedom.

The state of freedom in Spain and women in the liberty Movement with Roxana Nicula
Jun 1 • 20 min
Roxana Nicula, one of the founders of Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad (Fundalib), discusses the state of the state of political freedom in Spain, Funalib’s index of economic freedom in Spain’s cities, and the need for more women in the liberty…
Unlocking opportunity in Ohio with Robert Alt, President of the Buckeye Institute
May 25 • 22 min
Robert Alt, President of the Buckeye Institute in Ohio, tells the stories of everyday people who have been impacted by the think tank’s work to reform occupational licensing and criminal justice system in the state.
The liberty movement in Latin America, special guest Roberto Salinas Leon
May 18 • 21 min
Melissa and Roberto, Director of Atlas Network’s Center for Latin America, discuss threats to liberty in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, and the entire region as government overreach in response to the current pandemic leads to more protectionist,…
Advancing liberty in Africa with Linda Kavuka
May 18 • 18 min
Melissa Mann and Linda Kavuka of Africa Students for Liberty (SFL) discuss the impact Covid-19 is having on the region and the work SFL is doing to promote freedom and prosperity to young people all over Africa!
Advancing Liberty on and off College Campuses—Cliff Maloney President of Young Americans for Liberty
May 12 • 20 min
Melissa and Cliff discuss the mission of Young Americans for Liberty—to educate college students about the power of libertarian values and to train them to be effective agents for change on campus and on the campaign trail, and not even COVID-19 can…
Limiting government overreach in Lithuania—Elena Leontjeva, Lithuanian Free Market Institute president
May 4 • 21 min
Melissa Mann and Elena Leontjeva, president of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI), talk about the work LFMI is doing to roll back unnecessary government spending during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Bonus Content! How is poverty truly eliminated? Special guest, Matt Warner
May 4 • 13 min
Atlas Network President, Matt Warner, explains why traditional aid is failing the developing world and that the true solution to poverty alleviation is local knowledge and greater opportunity.