In Conversation With Dave Morris and Jason Geary

In Conversation With Dave Morris and Jason Geary
A series of conversations about the art of improvisation between veteran improvisers Dave Morris and Jason Geary.

11: Q&A (Part4)
Jun 26 • 70 min
We get back to answering you burning improv questions and deep dive into a big one.
10: Format Performance - Zoom
Jun 21 • 62 min
In this episode, we improvise an audio version of Jason’s improv format ZOOM. This is the first time the format has been attempted in audio-only, and to add to the degree of difficulty one performer is in the northern hemisphere and one is in the…
9: Q&A (Part 3)
Jun 11 • 69 min
Another joyful attempt at answering your questions about improv. Enjoy.
8: Q&A (Part 2)
May 28 • 72 min
Another round of Q & A keeps us chatting about the art form we love, why not come back and join us?
7: Q&A (Part 1)
May 19 • 74 min
In this episode, we answer questions that you, the listeners have sent in over the course of the season. This is part one.
6: The Future Of Improv
May 7 • 61 min
Dave and Jason have a chat about what we want and hope for the future of improv, for ourselves, for the community and art form at large.
5: Corporate Shows/Applied Improv Training
Apr 30 • 58 min
Let’s talk business. Dave and Jason delve into the world of corporate improv and applied improvisation. How to do it, what to look out for, the difference between performing and teaching, and of course, life.
4: Storytelling
Apr 23 • 67 min
Ep 4: Storytelling Jason and Dave talk about their favourite storytelling methodologies, why storytelling is so important for improvisers to know, and how we can tell better stories.
3: The Improvisers Mind
Apr 16 • 66 min
In this episode, Jason and Dave delve deep into their own psyches trying to answer the improv koan: “How does one think, without thinking.”
2: Genre/Style
Apr 9 • 76 min
Your hosts, Jason Geary and Dave Morris talk about improvising with style. How do people do it right? How do people do it wrong? Why should people do it, or not do it?
1: Formats
Mar 30 • 66 min
Dave Morris from Canada, and Jason Geary from Australia, discuss the intricacies of formats in improvisation. How we develop them, how to make sure they work, and whether or not they’re good or bad for improv.