The BlatzCast

The BlatzCast
The BlatzCast is a Podcast designed for you to hear stories from people in the inner workings of the film industry. Independent videographer and entrepreneur Michael Blatz sits down with a variety of film creatives and entrepreneurs to discuss individu…

S1EP11- The Importance of Community & Making You’re Way into Film, with Jill Maria Robinson
Jul 13 • 68 min
Jill Maria Robinson to talk about how she got started working in the film industry and how that lead her to start I’m Here With Magazine. She talks about the value of community and the important things a person should do and keep in mind to work and…
S1EP10 - The Making of Necessary Evil with Telus Story Hive, With Randy Brososky
Jul 6 • 58 min
Randy Brososky sits down to talk about how he got started working in the film industry and how that lead him to write the award-winning series Necessary Evil.
S1EP9 Part 2 of 2 - How Dylan Pearce Got Started Directing, With Dylan Pearce
May 25 • 56 min
I talk with Dylan Pearce about how he got his start in film, Why he went to film school, and where he is now in his Directing Journey.
S1EP9 Part 1 of 2 - The Making of Baby Blues, With Dylan Pearce
May 21 • 30 min
Dylan Pearce to talk about the first Red Deer College Motion Picture Arts Feature film. Dylan talks about how bringing on an A-list actress brought the film from a student project to a unionized Indie Film. How fast they learned, and the challenges met…
S1EP 8 - The Top 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Working In The UK Film Industry, With Ileia Goode
May 11 • 54 min
Michael sits down with Ileia Goode to talk about how she got started with acting along with what it was like to move to the UK and work as background in a variety of films. She talks about everything she learned and what the European film industry is like.
S1EP7 - The Top Mistakes When Producing a Film & The Sacrifices Made When Working In The Film Industry, With Jamie Rauch
May 4 • 82 min
Michael sits down with Jamie Rauch to talk about the top mistakes producers make when producing a film
S1EP6 - The Making of The Droving, with Director George Popov
Apr 27 • 67 min
Michael talks with George Popov, the director of The Droving from UK film company Rubicon Films about the making of the film along with the challenges of releasing a film during the Covid19 pandemic.
S1EP5 - Being a Film Student & School vs Experience, with Jaida Hiebert & Jenna Brige
Apr 20 • 19 min
Michael sits down with Jaida and Jenna to discuss there time in film school along with how what made them interested in working in the film industry and pursuing schooling. They talk a little about school vs working in the film industry instead.Jaida…
S1EP4 - Expectations with Auditioning, with Lee Lopez
Apr 13 • 40 min
I talk with Lee Lopez on how he got started working as an actor. We talk about the successful year he has had. We dive deep into how to manage your expectations when auditions and how to deal with the criticism and feedback from others.Lee LopezWebsite:…
S1EP3 - Getting Started & Running a Successful Film Business, with Shae Paterson
Apr 6 • 76 min
Michael sits down with Shae Paterson and discusses how he got started by cold calling people and being contracted under marketing companies to film contracts. They also talk about owning your own gear, buying gear, the use of social media and the power…
S1EP2 - Motivation & Passion, with Jerry Lambert
Mar 30 • 39 min
Michael talks with Jerry Lambert about how he got started in writing and how he is motivated. Then goes into his creative journey asking what keeps him motivated along the way and how he stays creative.Jerry Lane Lambert IIWebsite:…
S1EP1 - The Challenges of Producing a Film, with Aimbree Lauren
Mar 30 • 43 min
Michael sits down with Aimbree Lauren to talk about the things she learned while producing a short series in Alberta. Along with what she does for work and what her future plans are for going into the Canadian film industryAimbree Lauren Social Media…