St. Peter in Volo Podcast

St. Peter in Volo Podcast
Parish Conversations from St. Peter in Volo with the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius and Parishioners for the general edification of all.

2:15 A Catholic family that sold everything to follow God’s call
Jun 27 • 56 min
Fr. Nathan talks to Chris and Angie Waldrop from South Carolina who are embarking on an incredible mission. Learn about them and support them at
2:14 A particular set of skills acquired over a long career
Jun 13 • 39 min
Fr. Nathan talks with Robert Reinbold about family life and Catholic life before and after the Second Vatican Council.
2:13 Of what does awesomeness consist?
Jun 7 • 39 min
Fr. Nathan chats with Justin Masterson about time, church stuff and his plans to join Hard as Nails ministry.
2:12 What a man will do for the sake of his family
May 30 • 56 min
Fr. Nathan talks to Darren Greca and his daughter Mary about their intreped move to Chicagoland and the hope-filled future of the new Chesterton Academy beginning this fall at St. Peter School. Chesterton Academy of the Immaculate Heart -…
2:11 When the JWs come knocking
May 23 • 50 min
Fr. Nathan converses with Dennis Sigurnjak about his life as a Jehovah’s Witness and how he likes the Catholic Church better.
2:10 Punched in the face with a cloud of incense
May 16 • 57 min
Fr. Nathan talks with Navy Lieutenant Justin Lamothe about Submarine life and his journey to St. Peters
2:9 Happy Mother’s Day!
May 9 • 46 min
The Volo Canons Regular speak about mothers.
2:8 Ten nanometers from hearing God’s call.
May 5 • 77 min
Fr. Nathan interrogates Br. Joseph on how he came to the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius
2:7 May 2 Volo News Round up
May 2 • 28 min
The Volo Canons talk about the many important things that are happening.
2:6 La Madre de Dios protects against witch doctors and abortion doctors
Apr 27 • 45 min
Fr. Nathan talks with Jose Alvarado about why He prays the rosary and how the Mother of God has protected his family.
2:5 Sacred Music and the Immune System
Apr 24 • 61 min
Fr. Nathan speaks with Dave and Sue Childress about the circumstances that brought them to St. Peters, about Sacred Music and the immune system from a nutritionist perspective.
2:4 We are all homeschoolers now.
Apr 22 • 46 min
Fr. Nathan talks to Tom and Lena Hudson on their 25th Wedding Anniversary about a lot, but especially homeschooling and how the Latin Mass came to St. Peter in Volo.
2:3 The Easter Agnus Dei
Apr 20 • 39 min
Fr. Nathan, Fr. Brendan and Br. Joseph (and maybe Fr. Robin) talk about nothing much and a very interesting ancient tradition.
2:2 The Holy Land is Everywhere
Apr 17 • 40 min
Fr. Nathan and Br. Nathan Ford, SJC talk about his experience of the Holy Land and what that meant for the Holy Week.
2:1 The day the house blew up.
Apr 15 • 49 min
Fr. Nathan Caswell, Fr. Joshua Caswell and Esther Caswell recall the day that changed their life forever. Listen to Esther’s podcast “Trust is my Home”
Christ is Risen; RUN!
Apr 12 • 41 min
Fr. Nathan, Fr. Brendan and Fr. Robin share some Easter Moments and Thoughts on the Resurrection!
Holy Saturday
Apr 11 • 32 min
Fr. Nathan, Fr. Robin and Br. Joseph continue their discussion of the Rites and spirtuality of the Sacred Triduum
Good Friday
Apr 10 • 31 min
Fr. Nathan, Fr. Robin and Br. Joseph discuss the Passiontide hymn Vexilla Regis and the Liturgy of Good Friday.
Holy Thursday
Apr 9 • 35 min
Fr. Nathan, Fr. Robin and Br. Joseph discuss the mysteries and liturgy of Holy Thursday
1:23 The God-man in the Garden
Apr 8 • 24 min
Fr. Nathan reads an excerpt of The Passion of Our Lord by Gaetano Cardinal de Lai, translated from the Italian by William Cardinal O’Connell. 1923 The Pilot Publishing Company
1:22 Visible Connections and Friendships
Apr 7 • 34 min
Fr. Nathan and Nick Sigurnjak talk about coming to St. Peter’s, and recall some notable moments from St. Peter Youth events
1:21 How a Man Practices the Faith
Apr 6 • 31 min
Fr. Nathan and parishioner Phil Krupowicz discuss some beneficial practices of devotion.
1:20 The Palm of Victory
Apr 6 • 46 min
Fr. Nathan, Fr. Robin and Br. Joseph relate some thoughts on Palm Sunday. Also a new decree from the Cardinal dispensing the Easter obligation.
1:19 Reverence in the Roman Rite
Apr 4 • 39 min
Fr. Nathan talks with Robert and Naomi Martin about Martyrdom, the Passion of Christ and the Reverence for the Eucharist.
1:18 The Compassion of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Apr 3 • 37 min
Fr. Nathan and Br. Joseph talk about the Feast of the Seven Sorrows of Mary and discuss why Sacraments have to be present. “Why we can’t confess over zoom.”
1:17 Freedom in the Cloister
Apr 2 • 33 min
Fr. Nathan talks with long time St. Peter parishioner and painter Ellen Ryan about her daughter’s cloistered life, the necessity of the sacraments and why sacred art is better.
1:16 Typology in these Times
Apr 1 • 48 min
Fr. Nathan and Parishioner Kevin O’Neill talk about typology and tapping trees and the O’Neill’s new lego block illustrated book on the Mass, and the purpose of art in these times.
1:15 From Rock and Roll to Gregorian Chant, the Justin Smith story
Mar 31 • 36 min
Fr. Nathan in conversation with Parishioner Justin Smith; His journey through Paddock Lake, Medugorje, Haiti and Volo.
1:14 Blessed Imelda desired to receive the Eucharist
Mar 30 • 26 min
Fr. Nathan speaks with Elizabeth Klebosits and her father, Erik about the Eucharist, Confession, the other Sacraments and more.
1:13 The Veils of Passiontide
Mar 29 • 30 min
Fr. Nathan and Fr. Robin talk about Passion Sunday, the humiliation of Our Lord and veiling the Crucifix.
1:12 Embracing the depths of solitude
Mar 28 • 17 min
Coffee with Fr. Nathan on a rainy Saturday. “Pere Lalement” by Marjorie Pickthall available to read here:
1:11 You are a product of the love of God
Mar 26 • 41 min
Fr. Nathan and Fr. Brendan consider an idea from St. Francis de Sales in Introduction to the Devout Life. The Volo Mountain, Pyramid Mountain and the Annunciation
1:8 The Divine Office
Mar 25 • 20 min
Fr. Nathan & Br. Joseph talk about the Divine Office.
1:7 New Laetare Sunday Memories
Mar 25 • 38 min
General Absolution and Confessing to God; Who is Father Robin?; and New Laetare Sunday Memories Fr. Nathan, Fr. Robin and Br. Joseph
1:6 Laetare Sunday
Mar 25 • 29 min
Fr. Nathan Caswell, SJC; Fr. Brendan Gibson, SJC; Br. Joseph Brom, SJC
1:5 Remembering Pilgrimages
Mar 25 • 32 min
Conversation with Erik Klebosits
1:4 Is this from God?
Mar 25 • 22 min
Conversation with Mike White
1:3 St. Joseph
Mar 25 • 8 min
About St. Joseph
1:2 The Martyrology
Mar 25 • 7 min
Fr. Nathan talks about the Saints who are with us on the journey.
1:1 St. Patrick’s Day
Mar 25 • 25 min
The 1st podcast. No idea what we are doing.
1:10 New growth on an old branch. Fr. Nathan, Fr. Robin and Br. Joseph
Mar 25 • 32 min
Notes New Prefaces and Feasts for the EF Missal - New Liturgical Movement - Article on Decrees about New Saints and Prefaces for Extraordinary Form Note for the presentation of the Decree Cum sanctissima on the liturgical celebration in honour of Saints…
1:9 Being at Peace Mid-Covid with Joe Luminiello
Mar 24 • 36 min
Fr. Nathan and Joe Luminiello talk about things. Martyrology for March 25