Almost Home Alone

Almost Home Alone
We discuss our lives with kids and transitioning to an empty nest in the near future. Each episode we talk about our journey from being two stupid kids to a middle aged couple who sort of have their lives together.

Episode 6—-The Episode Where We Talk About All The Crap We’ve Been Through
May 8 • 26 min
Adversity. Sounds like such a powerful word, doesn’t it? It doesn’t feel powerful when you’re facing it. Hubby and I may look like we’ve got our $hit together now, but let me tell you, we’ve stared down some pretty tough times in our 23 years together. In…
Episode 5—-The Episode Where We Talk About Quarantine Productivity
May 1 • 21 min
During this time of Covid-19, a lot of us are beating ourselves up for not being as productive as we had hoped. Join us as we talk about ways to feel productive and how we can avoid falling into the comparison trap. —- This episode is sponsored by ·…
Episode 4—The Episode Where We Give You Tips to Survive Quarantine With Your Partner
Apr 17 • 21 min
We’re on week 5 of quarantine and we’re somewhat experts on how to get along with your partner when you’re together ALL THE TIME. After all, we have been together every summer for the last 14 years. So we have some tips to share on surviving being with…
Episode 3—The Episode Where the Kids Join Us
Apr 8 • 27 min
In this episode our teens join us to talk about what life in quarantine has been like for them. We discuss how they’re coping, what their fears are, and how they think this will impact us in the future. For those concerned with the impact that social…
Episode 2—-The Episode Where We Talk About Money
Apr 3 • 31 min
Hubby and I are talking about that really uncomfortable topic today…no, not sex…MONEY. Studies have shown that one of the number one causes of divorce is money. Not having enough, spending too much, fighting about how to spend it…the whole enchilada. Now…
The Almost Home Alone Podcast Episode 1—The Episode Where We Explain the Podcast
Mar 27 • 10 min
Hubby and I are starting a podcast you guys! We’re going to be talking about life with older kids who are slowly transitioning out of the nest and how our lives are changing because of it. In this episode we introduce ourselves and talk briefly about how…
Almost Home Alone (Trailer)
Mar 24 • 0 min