Design Your Life

Design Your Life
Design your life is a series of podcasts that help you become your version 2.0. Follow me to get a sneak peek into different areas which help you reach the next level

The Millennial Dilemma
Jun 6 • 12 min
“Dream Big, Start Small, Listen with Intent, be in the Present moment, but most importantly Start”. A few interesting conversations, experiences and observations over the last few years, have been instrumental in helping me design content specific to…
Fiction Book - The Life of Death
May 25 • 7 min
Mumbai, a city where lakhs of people hoard onto the lifeline to earn their daily bread & butter, a city where people arrive with many dreams, a city that never sleeps. Like others, Rishi too saw a dream, a dream that may be his family and friends couldn’t…
Women in Leadership
Apr 26 • 22 min
“In the future, there will be no female leaders, there will be just leaders” Women today face the need to be warm and nice, as well as competent and tough. The problem is that these qualities are often seen as opposites. This creates a very ambiguous…
Design your Career
Apr 18 • 30 min
In this webinar I shared a template that helped me through my career progression and helps give you a visual reinforcement that motivates you to follow your desired career path. Listen to the webinar and connect with me to know more about the customization
Transition from a Manager to a Leader
Apr 10 • 10 min
Everyone is talking about Leadership and there is tremendous pressure on every Leader to prove to the Management that they’re doing exactly what the “Leadership Trainings” teach them. Many want to go to programs from Big Brands or Management Schools that…
Rise to Eminence
Apr 7 • 16 min
“You are your own Currency! Let the Denomination die and Infinity live forever” Our third guest speaker on the “Design your Life” podcast is another dear friend of mine, *Ritwik Sai Gajendra” who shares gems of wisdom from the thousands of hours spent on…
Taking Charge - Climb, Soar, Dive, Repeat
Mar 30 • 20 min
Our author speaks about when does one have to start the ‘climb’, Who can help one soar? How to get the right people to do that? When you are soaring, how does a dive feel? Does it require more effort to rise after a fall? How easy is that? What is the…
Design a Healthy Lifestyle
Mar 29 • 18 min
“Small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step in your life”. My first guest speaker on the “Design your Life” podcast is a very dear friend of mine Jyoti Tiwari, Founder CEO Ingenious works, A seasoned Healthcare Leader and a…
Managing Stress - The right way
Mar 24 • 9 min
Today, in a highly competitive environment, people are struggling to maintain a balance between working hard and over-working. The same goes for students who have access to so much information and advice that they’re confused as to what to do and what…
The best leadership style
Mar 24 • 8 min
With technology taking up a lot of the transactional tasks, the Leaders in an organization are expected to do much more. Leadership will not become easier in 2020 and beyond, though technology and automation may make certain processes faster. Multiple…
Create a Memorable Onboarding Experience
Mar 24 • 11 min
My experience with organizations is that somewhere the process gets restricted to Vision, Mission, Value Statements with Functional Heads and the HR teams talking about their specific domains. Listen to some of the tips that can help you to “Create a…
Challenge your Limits
Mar 24 • 11 min
In the world of technology and smartphones, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay away from distractions which ultimately leads to limiting the challenges. Procrastination is the killer of all success is something that I picked up way back when I…
Mastering Self Management
Mar 24 • 12 min
Much has been said about anger, an emotion that most of us experience often. We read about anger, we learn anger management tips, and we know that it is an emotion with the power to destroy, and yet when it comes to our own lives, it’s an altogether…
Design your Future
Mar 24 • 15 min
Design thinking is often understood as an alternative to Innovation, which is not true at all. There are certain myths about Design thinking that I’d like to bust here before I give you an example of how you can implement Design Thinking in your life:
Mastering the Interview Challenge
Mar 24 • 14 min
Much has been said about interviews and the art of cracking it. We speak to people and try to get solutions on how to crack interviews and if you speak to 50 different people, you will end up getting 50 different views. So, what is it that needs to be…