Culture & Ecology | Stories from the Confluence

Culture & Ecology | Stories from the Confluence
True stories of arts, humanities, and natural sciences applied for the benefit of society and the environment. Experts share practical and inspirational experiences. You will gain nuance and depth on many themes related to how culture influences ecology and how ecology influences culture. Support this podcast:

Wildlife Hospitality | with Marty St. Louis, Manager of Summer Lake Wildlife Management Area
Apr 23 • 31 min
Reciprocity is integral to the resilience of cultural and ecological systems. Ironically, sometimes using a natural resource is the best way to ensure its conservation. We speak with Marty St. Louis about his experience stewarding the Summer Lake Wildlife…
Professional Pyro | with Fire Manager, Mark Hedrick
Apr 16 • 36 min
Over the past several years, urban areas in western states have experienced devastation from wild fire. As fire season approaches again, it is important to question our cultural relationship with fire. In this podcast, we speak with Mark Hedrick, who…
Shaped By Water | With Author, Rebecca Lawton
Apr 9 • 32 min
In this podcast, we speak with Rebecca Lawton about how culture, like the earth itself, is constantly being transformed by water. As an author and story-teller, her writing is informed by experience as a Fluvial Geologist and as a professional River…
Keeping it Renewable | With Nick Johnson and Emma Gerona of Lake County Resource Initiative
Mar 31 • 46 min
How is a small company in a conservative rural community leading renewable energy development? The Lake County Resource Initiative (LCRI) addresses social and environmental concerns proactively by developing and implementing diverse renewable energy…
Made of Stories | with Poet Laureate of Oregon, Kim Stafford
Mar 24 • 33 min
Do words have the power to create and shape reality? We speak with poet and story-teller, Kim Stafford, about humanity’s relationship to the world, the cycle of life, regeneration and language. As Poet Laureate of Oregon, Stafford speaks with compassion…