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Stuart Parker Dot CA
This is the podcast for Stuart Parker’s weekly public affairs show, which began on Prince George’s CFIS 93.1 as After Nine - Monday Edition and has now moved to CFUR 88.7.

Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #2.04 (26): The Pre-election Political Panel on Drug Poisoning and Back to School
Sep 24 • 58 min
Cheryl Wiens of the Greens, Nathan Giede of the Tories, Ryan Campbell of the Liberals, Sam Schechter of the NDP and Jeremy Stewart of the BC Ecosocialists discuss the drug poisoning epidemic, the return to school and the correctly-predicted imminent…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #2.03 (25): A Tale of Two Hospices with Rebecca Smith (Surrey) and Donna Flood (Prince George)
Sep 14 • 56 min
I interview Rebecca Smith, Executive Director of Surrey Hospice Society about the challenges of providing hospice care during Covid, the tough decisions she has had to take regarding staffing, programming and a shrinking budget, and then I interview Donna…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #2.02 (24) - Trent Derrick (SD57), Andrea Beckett (DPAC) and Joanne Hapke (BCTF) on the return to school
Sep 7 • 57 min
We interview a local social entrepreneur and school trustee for District 57 (Prince George), Trent Derrick, along with Joanne Hapke, President of the SD57 BCTF and Andrea Beckett, President of the SD57 District Parent Advisory Committee. On BC’s…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #2.01 (23) - Nicole Lindsay on the drug poisoning epidemic and Scott Costen of Redaction Politics
Aug 31 • 60 min
Nicole Lindsay, an organizer of the August 31st Prince George vigil for families who have lost loved ones in the drug poisoning crisis speaks about her experience of losing her son to the epidemic and the need to move beyond discourses of overdose and…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.22 - The Political Panel Takes on Social Conservatism
Aug 24 • 56 min
We finished my first year as a radio broadcaster with the BC politics panel, featuring our regulars, the NDP’s Sam Schechter, the BC Liberals’ Ryan Campbell, the BC Greens’ Cheryl Wiens and the BC Tories’ Nathan Giede. Filling in for BC Ecosocialist…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.21: Harold Steves, creator of BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve, career retrospective interview
Aug 17 • 59 min
I spend a little under an hour interviewing Harold Steves about BC politics, eco-politics and socialism, past and present. Harold has served as a Richmond city councilor for nearly fifty years, following three years as the member of the BC legislature for…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.20: Matt Simmons of the Narwhal on non-profit eco-journalism and Michael Demers on pro sports during Covid
Aug 10 • 56 min
There has been a lot of bad news in Canadian journalism the past year with the developments at the Toronto Now, Georgia Straight, Metro and Torstar. The one bright spot has been the arrival of the Narwhal, providing not just non-profit, ecologically…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.19 - June Starkey, Edward Kopp and Ron Shewchuk on Barbecuing
Aug 3 • 57 min
In honour of the holiday weekend, we recorded a whole episode on barbecuing. Our first interviewee was June Starkey, an an Adjunct Professor of Education at the University of Toronto’s OISE, speaking after her successful cottage country barbecue near…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.18 - The Political Panel #3: Ethics of a Fall Election
Jul 29 • 54 min
Over the last weekend of July, the BC Politics panel of Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George met to discuss the ethics of a fall election. John Horgan has been talking about ending the Confidence and Supply Agreement with the Green Party as early as…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.17 - Martha Rans and Corey Matthews on Supporting Your Local Artist
Jul 20 • 55 min
This show, we interviewed Martha Rans, head of the Artists Legal Outreach Clinic, whose practice of providing pro-bono legal advice to artists is becoming a Canada-wide enterprise. This was followed with an interview with my romantic partner Corey…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.16 - Sample Lecture on Landscape and UNBC Course Promotion
Jul 13 • 58 min
I am teaching three courses at UNBC this fall on The Indian Rim Since Antiquity, Historiography and Early Modern World history. So, to promote enrollment in my classes, I thought I would feature a sample on my show. So, what you will hear on today’s…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.15 - A Whole Hour of Anthony Dunn on the state of the UK
Jul 6 • 51 min
Anthony Dunn, one of our UK election commentators was back for a wide-ranging chat about the state of the post-Brexit scene. The model for the Captain Morgan painting on the Anglosphere’s most illustrious mid-priced rum, he has variously worked as an…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.14 - A Whole Hour of Wes Regan on Conspiracy Theory
Jun 29 • 53 min
Wes Regan, Green politician, urbanist, opinion leader and high-level policy-maker public servant dropped by to converse about a major area of mutual interest: the threats posed by the growth of modern conspiracy theory.
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.13 - The BC Politics Panel with Wes Regan, Jeremy Stewart, Nathan Giede, Sam Schechter and Ryan Campbell
Jun 22 • 58 min
This week our political panel discussed the Justin Neufeld scandal in which a BC Liberal volunteer was cut from the party over social media posts comparing Black Lives Matter to the Nazis. Urbanist and public health expert Wes Regan represented the…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.12: Cumberland Forest’s ED Meaghan Cursons, Fascist Epistemology #2 with OCAD’s Eileen Wennekers and SFU’s Samir Gandesha
Jun 15 • 57 min
June 15th’s Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George features Meaghan Cursons, Executive Director of the Cumberland Forest, talking about the economic, social and ecological evolution of a post-mining town and efforts to democratize land use and…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.11: Juls Budau on the overdose crisis, Jordan Tucker on solidarity with #BLM & Danette Boucher & James Douglas on virtual programming at Barkerville
Jun 8 • 59 min
James Douglas is the first returning guest on my CFUR show. He and his partner in many things, Danette Boucher give the final interview on Barkerville Historic Site’s dive into virtual public history and the Zoom platform at the end of the program. They…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.10: James Surano on US policing crisis and Victoria Councilor Ben Isitt on Common Vision project
Jun 1 • 54 min
Our June 1st, 2020 show features Albany-based food security and racial justice activist James Surano on the policing crisis in the United States, followed by Victoria Councilor Ben Isitt on a Vancouver Island initiative to keep key new government…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.09: BC Political Panel: Wes Regan, Nathan Giede, Sam Schechter, Ryan Campbell and Jeremy Stewart
May 25 • 57 min
This is the first of our monthly political panels on Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George. It is a deliberate tribute to the Dalton Camp-Eric Kierans-Stephen Lewis panel of the 1980s, from the world before talking points, back when people demonstrated…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.08: Best of Sean Frackowiak’s Entertainment Reporting
May 18 • 52 min
I had to move hundreds of pounds of furniture and books this weekend and tired myself right out. So, I went to my trusty show archives and found a whole hour just of Sean Frackowiak doing his very witty entertainment column. Sit back and enjoy. Regular…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.07: Dimtri Lascaris, Green Party leadership candidate and fascism epistemology discussion with SFU’s Samir Gandesha and OCAD’s Eileen Wennekers
May 11 • 57 min
We finished our interview with Dimitri Lascaris and then had a long, curiosity-driven discussion about how fascist and authoritarian movements figure out what is and is not true. Prepare to have your vocabulary expanded in party two.
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.06: Dimtri Lascaris, Green Party leadership candidate and Star Wars panel with Rob Lim, James Douglas and Eugene Earnshaw
May 4 • 58 min
Today’s show has a pretty deep dive into forty-three years of Star Wars material, which kind of crowds out the dynamic Green Party of Canada leadership contender, Dimitri Lascaris, who will, consequently, be back.
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.05: Surrey Hospice’s Rebecca Smith, Ingrid Vander Hoek compares BC Injured and Disabled Workers
Apr 27 • 57 min
I am proud of this show. Each of the interviews saw Covid-19 as a jumping-off point for thinking more deeply about major issues in our society, from bereavement, death and loss to no-fault insurance schemes to cosplaying the industrial working class.…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.04: Fiona York of #Squat2Survive and Nathan Giede
Apr 20 • 57 min
This show is a technically rough show for a bunch of reasons, the chief of which is that we do not do studio interviews or have access to studio editing facilities. Despite the tech problems, we have two great guests, Fiona York of Carnegie Community…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.03: Dock Currie, Michael Demers and Laura Parent
Apr 13 • 55 min
This week’s show featured three guests on very different beats. Dock Currie, former NDP candidate, law student and former York university instructor joined us to talk about the emerging personality cult around BC’s chief medical health officer. Our…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.02 (April 6th, 2020): Isabel Krupp, Jenn Neilson and Sam Schecter
Apr 6 • 61 min
This week was our second episode on CFUR 88.7 and the first in our regular time slot of 11am Pacific Time. We had three guests, Isabel Krupp from Red Braid Alliance (formerly Alliance Against Displacement) talking about the special challenges of the…
Missing Peter Gzowski in Prince George - Episode #1.01 (March 30th, 2020): Councilor Cori Ramsey and Professor Sean Holman
Mar 30 • 51 min
For our first episode on CFUR, we interviewed Prince George city councilor Cori Ramsey on local governance during the Covid-19 crisis and Mount Royal University Professor Sean Holman on the ways Covid-19 is reshaping public discourse and ideas of…
The World Since 1763 Course (Fall 2018) - Episode #05: How Fossil Fuels Changed the World
Mar 28 • 29 min
This is a compressed explanation of the profound changes wrought by the fossil fuel revolution in the late 18th century.
Rhetoric and the Western Canon Course (BCIT 2018) - Episode #12: The Appeal to Ethos
Mar 28 • 32 min
This is a short three-part lecture on the challenges of reproducing an Aristotelian or Ciceronian appeal to ethos or ethical appeal in the present day from my old Western Canon course at BCIT.
February 20th, 2020: My First Debate Representing the BC Ecosocialists: versus George Affleck on a 2030 Olympic Bid for Vancouver
Mar 26 • 16 min
I debate George Affleck, proponent of a 2030 Vancouver Olympic bid on Mike Smyth’s CKNW show.
CJSF Speak Up! Interview on the Founding of the BC Ecosocialist Party
Mar 26 • 33 min
I was interviewed on SFU campus radio shortly after the founding of the BC Ecosocialists on October 27th.
Global Environmental Politics Course (Spring 2019) - Episode #12: Ontology of Extinction
Mar 25 • 62 min
This is the final lecture of the course, wrapping up the various themes addressed throughout.
Global Environmental Politics Course (Spring 2019) - Episode #11: Epistemology of Extinction
Mar 25 • 85 min
This is the penultimate episode of the course, examining the epistemological and moral barriers to addressing the extinction event.
Global Environmental Politics Course (Spring 2019) - Episode #5: Cold War Optimism
Mar 25 • 101 min
This is the fifth lecture in IS 373 - Global Environmental Politics examining the heyday of Soviet central planning and Keynesianism and how these optimistic, interventionist economic ideologies were reflected in environmental policy and action.
Global Environmental Politics Course (Spring 2019) - Episode #3: Disinhabitation and the Invention of Landscape
Mar 25 • 61 min
This is a lecture given to my Global Environmental Politics Class (IS 373) at Simon Fraser University about the birth of modern environmental consciousness.
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.26 (March 10th, 2020)
Mar 25 • 3 min
This announcement was played on CFIS following my removal as host, chronicled in this Glacier Media article here.
After Nine (ME) Episode 1.25 (March 3rd, 2020)
Mar 25 • 49 min
Today, my show moved to the coveted Tuesday timeslot and underwent a reset. Henceforth, we will be hearing more from our regular contributors more frequently and we will be getting back to a weekly roundup of global news stories. We began our show with…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.24 (February 24th, 2020)
Mar 25 • 51 min
Our final Monday broadcast features Sebastian Nicholson from Positive Living – North talking about his work educating people about sexual health and sexual and gender identity questions. I also ask him about some of the big controversies in gender and…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.23 (February 10th, 2020)
Mar 25 • 50 min
Today’s show featured two longer interviews, one with Green Party of Canada leadership candidate Alex Tyrrell, currently the leader of the Green Party of Quebec and Annerose Georgeson, Vanderhoof artist featured in a major career retrospective at Two…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.22 (February 3rd, 2020)
Mar 24 • 51 min
We gave our whole show to widening the optic for understanding Prince George’s acute classroom teacher shortage and how it arises from a cross-partisan consensus in Victoria. We began with Joanne Hapke, President of Prince George’s BC Teachers’ Federation…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.21 (January 27th, 2020)
Mar 24 • 51 min
On After Nine – Monday Edition, we continue our look at the BC-Wet’suwet’en territorial conflict in northwestern BC by taking a deeper dive into questions of framing and identity, first with policy analyst Adam Finch and then with Samir Gandesha from the…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.20 (January 20th, 2020)
Mar 24 • 56 min
Continuing our coverage of the Wet’suwet’en land protectors, we spoke to Ricochet Media’s Jerome Turner in the first part of our program. In our second, we spoke with Wayne Hughes, retiring executive director of the Prince George John Howard Society. I…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.19 (January 13th, 2020)
Mar 24 • 52 min
It was a great privilege to interview four women involved in defending the traditional territory of the Unis’tot’en and Gidimt’en clans this week. We began with Dr. Annie Booth of the UNBC faculty union, which just passed a resolution of support to the…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.18 (January 6th, 2020)
Mar 24 • 54 min
Today’s show featured two guests, Jo Graber of PACHA, the People’s Action Committee for Healthy Air, Prince George’s local air quality citizens’ group, speaking about the problems associated with the proposed West Coast Olefins plant and David Merner, the…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.17 (December 30th, 2019)
Mar 24 • 54 min
After Nine – Monday Edition finished its 2019 broadcasting schedule with two leaders in BC’s alternative media, Gurpreet Singh of Radical Desi and Spice Radio on Indian disaporic politics, the rise of Hindu nationalism and the Kashmir crisis. Charlie…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.16 (December 23rd, 2019)
Mar 24 • 53 min
If the harvest show was an homage to Peter Gzowski’s Morningside of the 80s, this show owes credit to Kathryn Gretzinger’s Early Edition. In our first segment, my partner and famed BC nature artist Corey Matthews speaks on her return to Prince George and…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.15 (December 16th, 2019)
Mar 24 • 51 min
This show is a great example of how Canadian politeness gets in the way of responsible journalism. Listen to me have a perfectly civil conversation with a guy from the petrochemical industry that only gets testy once or twice. Never addressed in the show…
After Nine (ME ) - Episode 1.14 (December 9th, 2019)
Mar 24 • 48 min
The December 9th episode of After Nine — Monday edition contains a short UK election primer for those observing from overseas, followed by interviews with actor and historian, Anthony Dunn, and historian and political scientist,Malcolm Coldcleugh, both of…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.13 (December 2nd, 2019)
Mar 24 • 50 min
Our program today featured two guests, Sharel Warrington, a Prince George School trustee since 2005 and one of the seven (of over three hundred) trustees on the BC Public Sector Employers’ Council (PSEA) and Dean McGee, former Surrey Trustee candidate and…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.12 (November 25th, 2019)
Mar 24 • 50 min
Today’s show features Isabel Krupp from Alliance Against Displacement speaking about the housing crisis in BC, its causes and its effects in our first segment. The rest of the show features Scott Moore, a life coach talking about the growth of his…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.11 (November 18th, 2019)
Mar 24 • 52 min
This week’s After Nine — Monday Edition features three compelling segments dealing with important, current issues: Laura Parent on Jason Luke’s new Prince George downtown property owners organization and their plans for a pogrom; Michael Demers on the…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.10 (November 4th, 2019)
Mar 24 • 47 min
Today’s episode of After Nine – Monday Edition features two experts and no NDP MLAs. That’s because Ravi Kahlon, the parliamentary secretary for the BC Forest Ministry won’t come on a community radio program in a mill town and the Manitoba NDP has decided…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.09 (October 28th, 2019)
Mar 24 • 53 min
In today’s After Nine Monday edition, on CFIS, I spent most of the show discussing a set of interlocking issues with Sean Holman, founder of Public Eye Radio, producer of Whipped, the documentary and professor of communications at Mount Royal University.…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.08 (October 21st, 2019)
Mar 24 • 52 min
It’s election day in Canada and today’s show is an effort to explain why it is hard to cast effective votes in a Canadian election and consider how we might solve that problem in both the immediate and long term. In the first segment, I explain our voting…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.06 (September 30th, 2019)
Mar 23 • 45 min
In this week’s edition of After Nine, we interview punk klezmer accordionist and social and climate justice activist Geoff Berner, the host of his up coming local show Danny Bell and ends with an editorial in response to correspondence received by our…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.07 (October 7th, 2019)
Mar 23 • 61 min
This week’s show features four guests: Elaine Codling of Comox, associated with the Mid Island Farmers Institute, Jolene Swain of Kispiox, associated with Woodgrain Farm and the Young Agrarians movement, Laurie Gallant of Hazelton, associated with…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.05 (September 23rd, 2019)
Mar 23 • 51 min
In this week’s broadcast, we are joined by lobbyist and pundit Bill Tieleman to discuss the Canadian federal election and author and project coordinator Scott Davis who designs and builds micro-hydro and other renewable energy systems.
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.04 (September 16th, 2019)
Mar 23 • 51 min
This week’s show was a full one because it looked into a pressing issue: the lack of interurban ground transportation in Northern and Interior British Columbia since Greyhound pulled out of Western Canada. And we looked at the issue from a variety of…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.03 (September 9th, 2019)
Mar 23 • 53 min
This was our first show focusing on arts and culture and it featured Theatre Northwest’s Marnie Hamagami and AMDA Institute for the Performing Arts’ Heather Ramey. We talked about the concept of “relaxed theatre,” live theatre that does not require…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.02 (August 26th, 2019)
Mar 23 • 61 min
Our second show, this one featuring the two candidates on/near the left of the political spectrum in the riding of Cariboo-Prince George, the NDP’s Heather Sapergia and the Green Party’s Mackenzie Kerr. We just have the full version of the show this week,…
After Nine (ME) - Episode 1.01 (August 19th, 2019)
Mar 23 • 61 min
This is the first episode of the show with guest Douglas Gook from Quesnel, a long-time horse logger and environmental activist.