Proverbs1:5 - Gaining Sound Guidance

Proverbs1:5 - Gaining Sound Guidance
Fr. Alex Roche of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Misericordia, and Holy Redeemer interviews with experts in a variety of subjects, giving us insight into how to make our way through the world in the midst of the pandemic by the grace of God.

Rabbi Larry Kaplan - Temple Israel
May 28 • 35 min
Today we are joined by Rabbi Larry Kaplan, pillar of the community and good friend. Listen as we discuss our similar experiences in ministry during Covid19, stories from Wyoming Valley Interfaith Conference, and the lessons we can learn about…
Book Review - “Finding Darwin’s God” w/ Fr. Anthony Dill -Part 1
May 21 • 29 min
Trying something different this week by doing part one of our first book discussion. This week we discuss the first two chapters of “Finding Darwin’s God: A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground between God and Evolution” by Kenneth R. Miller from Brown…
Mr. Jack Rubano - High School Theology Teacher
May 14 • 35 min
Join me as I talk to Mr. Jack Rubano from Holy Redeemer High School about avocados, the Mets, donkeys, and using prayer and discernment to get through turning points in your life.
Dr. Tom Hamill - English Professor
May 7 • 52 min
Join us as we talk with Wilkes University English Professor Dr. Tom Hamill about the ways in which the Covid19 Pandemic is effecting university instruction, our relationship to privacy and security, and the English language itself. By the way, this one…
Sara Birmingham - My Sister
Apr 30 • 21 min
Join us this week as we interview Sara Birmingham to discuss her experience in New York City during the Covid 19 era. We also discuss our exceptional cooking skills and how good we are with animals.
Bailee Hymers - Mercy Volunteer Corps
Apr 22 • 25 min
Today we are joined by Bailee Hymers of the Mercy Volunteer Corps in Pittsburgh. We talk about her work with those struggling with homelessness, how the pandemic has altered our ability to serve and minister to others, and why we should see God’s grace…
Mr. Bill Jones - President and CEO of United Way of the Wyoming Valley
Apr 16 • 38 min
We welcome Bill Jones today to talk about the mission of the United Way, Monopoly, confronting the crisis of childhood poverty in our area, and ways we can help others and reach out for help in the midst of social distancing.
Dr. Glenn Willis - Theology Professor
Apr 14 • 31 min
Join Dr. Glenn Willis, a student-favorite professor at Misericordia and master conversationalist as the two of us discuss the relationship history has on our study of theology, our response to the pandemic, and our daily lives. Be warned, we get pretty…
Fr. Victor Ingalls - Theologian of Place
Apr 9 • 27 min
You might remember Fr. Victor Ingalls from his historic visit to NEPA this fall, when he conducted the now legendary parish mission ‘19 for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Well he’s back and we discuss nicknames, Will Ferrell, and Swiss Miss. But mostly we…
Trevor George - Misericordia Grad Student, Physical Therapy
Apr 7 • 29 min
Current grad student and friend of the podcast Trevor George joins us today. Trevor and I talk about what it’s like to go to college on the internet, what insights his work as a high school retreat coordinator has taught him about the younger…
Mr. Jim Jones - School Principal
Apr 2 • 33 min
Today we interview the one, the only, Mr. Jim Jones, Principal of Good Shepherd Academy and Guardian for life. Mr. Jones and I talk about ways to keep our kids motivated and positive while schools are closed, what it’s like teaching and administering a…
Drs. Larry and Carmina Chapp - Theologian Farmers
Mar 31 • 31 min
Today we visit with Dr Larry Chapp and Dr. Carmina Chapp, both theology professors who run the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker Farm in Harvey’s Lake. We talk about what a Catholic Worker Farm is, what role it can play in our rapidly changing world, how the…
Fr. Anthony Dill - Friend of the Pod
Mar 28 • 37 min
Fr. Anthony Dill, pastor of Holy Spirit Parish in Palmyra, PA comes on to discuss the importance and value of friendship during these tough times…and also motorcycles…and bees…and the end of the world…
Fr. Josh Laws - Spiritual Director
Mar 26 • 29 min
Fr. Josh is a friend of mine from seminary, where his specialty was spiritual theology. In this episode the two of us discuss our own experience of an outbreak while in seminary, the ways in which we can spend these days of isolation by growing closer…