Change Makers: A Podcast from APH

Change Makers: A Podcast from APH
American Printing House has a big goal: a future that belongs to everyone. For more than 160 years APH has created products that provide access for people who are blind and visually impaired. To create a world that welcomes everyone, we know it’s going?

The Wilmer Eye Institute
Jul 9 • 47 min
The history of the field of blindness is rich and storied. While APH has long focused on education and resources for people who are blind, The Wilmer Eye Institute from Johns Hopkins has focused on research, diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions….
How to Stay Active This Summer
Jun 25 • 35 min
Many sports camps, swimming pools, and other opportunities for physical education will be close this summer. To learn about ways to stay active while at home, or join a virtual sports camp, we’re talking with experts in physical education for young…
Code Jumper: Computer Science is for Everyone
Jun 11 • 22 min
In this episode of Change Makers we’re talking about Code Jumper, an accessible way for students to learn block coding in an inclusive setting. We talk with Cheri Bortleson, who tested Code Jumper in Washington State. Cheri is the K5 STEM and Computer…
The Mantis Q40
May 28 • 28 min
Episode 7 is all about the brand new Mantis Q40 from APH and HumanWare. The bluetooth keyboard, with 40 cells of refreshable braille allows you to have braille at your fingertips anywhere. Order your Mantis Q40 today:…
Moving Forward with APH
May 14 • 19 min
After more than a month of working from home, some APH staff has returned to work in the APH building. In today’s episode we briefly explain the steps APH has taken to ensure essential staff are safe, and we dig into how customer service is still…
Staying Connected, From Afar
Apr 23 • 52 min
Conferences are a huge part of the blindness and visual impairment field. They’re about more than just attending sessions, they’re also were we learn about new products, and where we partner with other companies to continue to push the boundaries of our…
Career Readiness During COVID-19
Apr 16 • 27 min
As unemployment skyrockets, how can you be job ready? Joe Strechay joins Change Makers to talk about how you can use your time at home to work on your personal brand, and be ready to land your next job. Also a guest on episode 4, Claire Stanley from ACB…
We’ll Get Through This Together
Apr 9 • 15 min
As days of being confined to your home turn into weeks, the need for information and resources only grows. In this episode of Change Makers we look at two separate call lines where people who are blind or visually impaired can get up to date news, or…
Roundtable: How the BVI Community is Responding to COVID-19
Apr 2 • 54 min
We’re all having to change how we work and learn - for better or worse. How are organizations in the blindness field responding? Are there lessons we can all take away from this unusual time? In this episode of Change Makers we sit down for a roundtable…
Making a Difference During the Coronavirus Crisis
Mar 26 • 23 min
For the first episode of Change Makers we’re talking about the topic that’s on everyone’s mind: the COVID-19. Learning from home is challenging for teachers, parents, and students. This is even more true if the student has a disability and usually gets…