Talking fresh produce with Fruitnet’s Chris White

30 – How are shopper habits changing?
Jul 2 • 14 min
As the coronavirus outbreak pushes the world towards a very different kind of recession, Joe Shaw Roberts of consumer research company Kantar looks at how consumers are responding to the crisis and considers what lasting impact it is having on the way…
29 – How to manage a volatile category like cherries
Jun 30 • 14 min
Matt Hancock and Will Wolmer both see huge opportunities to grow the market for cherries. The managing directors respectively of British cherry importer and distributor Norton Folgate and Hampshire-based producer Blackmoor Estate speak to Chris White…
28 – From Peruvian exporter to multinational supplier
Jun 25 • 20 min
José Antonio Gómez, managing director of Peruvian company Camposol, is overseeing a significant transformation, one that could offer inspiration for other fresh produce suppliers hoping to future-proof their own business. As supermarkets look for even…
27 – The power of premium produce
Jun 23 • 20 min
Tonie Fuchs is a firm believer in the power of premium. As managing director of South Africa’s Capespan Group, he says a commitment to top-quality products and the best levels of service is the right way forward as the company attempts to sustain growth…
26 – The importance of being local
Jun 18 • 18 min
Jan Doldersum, chain and retail manager at Dutch vegetable breeding and seed production company Rijk Zwaan, believes the concept of local is increasingly resonating with consumers. That’s not just because more of them want to eat fresh produce that has…
25 – The future of fresh vegetables
Jun 16 • 14 min
Chris Groot is produce chain manager at breeding company Enza Zaden, one of only a handful of companies around the world that is developing the vegetables of tomorrow. As he explains in the latest edition of Fruitbox, Fruitnet’s series of conversations…
24 – Exclusive interview with Alk Brand, Westfalia
Jun 11 • 12 min
Alk Brand is the chief executive officer of South African company Westfalia, the world’s largest avocado grower and a major supplier of several different kinds of fresh fruit. Giving his first interview in his new role, Alk talks exclusively to Fruitnet’s…
23 – What is so special about avocados?
Jun 9 • 16 min
Monica Bratuti of New Zealand-owned fresh produce marketing business Turners International explains how avocados’ versatility, combined with a relative lack of market penetration in some of the world’s major consumer markets, means there is still ample…
22 – How to make the right connections
Jun 4 • 17 min
Tarun Arora, director of Mumbai-based importer IG International, is certain that establishing the right kind of logistic network over the past five decades has enabled the company to achieve “outstanding” growth in a market as enormous and daunting as…
21 – Time for women to take the lead
Jun 2 • 16 min
Julie Escobar, co-founder of industry association Global Women Fresh, believes the entire fresh produce business has a vital role to play in creating better opportunities for women across the world. Speaking in the latest episode of Fruitnet’s interview…
20 – Apple boss ready to spend big
May 27 • 20 min
Todd Fryhover, president of the Washington Apple Commission, is ready to lead a major marketing push for the United States’ largest apple export deal having secured a 50 per cent increase in the group’s annual promotional budget from US$8m to $12m.…
19 – The secret of berries’ success
May 26 • 16 min
Soren Bjorn, president of leading berry brand Driscoll’s, believes the development of year-round supply in the soft category offers important lessons for everyone in the fresh fruit and vegetable business. Speaking in the latest episode of Fruitnet’s…
18 – Will eating out ever be the same again?
May 21 • 19 min
Filip Fontaine, managing director of Belgian food marketing body Vlam, discusses the future of food and the major impact the recent coronavirus crisis has had – especially on the restaurant business. Although the lifting of lockdown restrictions should…
17 – New business opportunities right on your doorstep
May 19 • 18 min
For one of India’s leading fresh fruit and vegetable exporters, new challenges presented by the global coronavirus outbreak in terms of airfreight availability have forced it to re-evaluate its business model and turn to new ideas closer to home. As…
16 – No time to waste for box delivery schemes
May 14 • 15 min
If food waste was a country, it would be the world’s third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and with around one-third of the food produced around the world thrown away rather than being consumed, consumers and retailers are becoming far more aware of…
15 – Why distance is no matter for Zespri
May 12 • 18 min
New Zealand might appear far away from the action when it comes to business, markets and consumers, but the country’s hugely successful kiwifruit brand Zespri has managed to make itself a central feature of the global fresh produce business in spite of…
14 – How to keep up with consumer trends
May 7 • 16 min
When it comes to buying fresh fruit and vegetables, how has consumer behaviour changed in the past few months? As marketing manager of South Tyrolean company Vog, Europe’s largest apple producer, Hannes Tauber spends much of his time researching consumer…
13 – Fruit and veg must be faster and fresher
May 5 • 14 min
Dragons’ Den star Shawn Harris knows the value of innovation to the fresh fruit and veg industry. Having established Nature’s Pride and turned it into the world’s largest importer of avocados, she recently set up Orange Wings, a startup accelerator for…
12 – The supermarket calm during the social storm
Apr 30 • 16 min
Coronavirus has changed a lot of things, but according to Rewe Group’s director of fruit and vegetable category management Stephan Weist, there won’t be any dramatic, long-lasting changes to the way people buy fresh produce. Instead, he believes the real…
11 – What to do when your market disappears
Apr 28 • 20 min
When the government lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of UK restaurants, most of Reynolds’ fresh produce supply business vanished overnight. But as managing director Tony Reynolds explains, the company has adapted,…
10 – Keep calm and carry on communicating
Apr 23 • 15 min
Barbara Galli, global marketing and communication lead at Chiquita Brands International, explains how one of the world’s top consumer brands has managed to repurpose a major marketing campaign and adjust its advertising spend in order to maintain its…
9 – Logistical challenges for fruit exporters
Apr 21 • 17 min
Disruptions, delays and a shortage of containers are creating new challenges for international fresh produce suppliers around the world, as leading logistics expert Ole Schack Petersen explains in the latest episode of Fruitbox. Hosted by Chris White in…
8 – Vanguard boss sees the start of something new
Apr 16 • 17 min
For Craig Stauffer, chief executive of Seattle-based fresh produce company Vanguard International, the coronavirus crisis has brought a number of severe short-term effects, including panic buying, logistical problems and labour shortages. But, as he tells…
7 – The future’s bright, the future’s citrus
Apr 14 • 17 min
Justin Chadwick, co-founder of the new World Citrus Association and chief executive of South Africa’s Citrus Growers’ Association, talks about some big new opportunities for oranges, lemons, grapefruit and soft citrus in markets around the globe.…
6 – Is fruit and veg packaging back in vogue?
Apr 9 • 16 min
As the coronavirus crisis takes hold, consumer concerns about food safety are seemingly overtaking the recent drive towards greater environmental sustainability in the fresh produce aisles. We ask StePac’s chief technology officer Gary Ward, a leading…
5 – Changes, challenges and chances for Europe’s fresh produce business
Apr 7 • 22 min
As the coronavirus outbreak continues, Fruitnet’s Chris White asks Philippe Binard of industry association Freshfel how the trade can tackle new problems to do with labour, logistics and rising costs, as well as how it might tap into potential new demand…
4 – New trends in India and China, the world’s two largest fruit and veg markets
Apr 2 • 21 min
Chris White is joined down the line from Melbourne by Fruitnet’s editorial director for Asia, John Hey, and its China editor Yuxin Yang, to explore recent trends and future developments in India and China, the world’s two most populous fresh produce…
3 – How Italian suppliers are rising to the coronavirus challenge
Mar 31 • 22 min
Fruitnet’s Chris White is joined by Rita Biserni of Alegra and Fabio Zanesco of VIP Val Venosta, both of whom have witnessed first-hand the dramatic impact of coronavirus on fresh produce supply chains in Italy, Europe and beyond.
2 – Coronavirus: what happened next in China
Mar 26 • 17 min
Chris White of Fruitnet talks to produce industry expert David Smith down the line from Shanghai to find out how China’s fruit and veg market is recovering from the coronavirus outbreak.
1 – Coronavirus turns Europe’s fresh produce business on its head
Mar 24 • 16 min
Chris White of Fruitnet talks about the impact of coronavirus on Europe’s fresh produce business, with colleagues Mike Knowles and Maura Maxwell.